$250,000 Influencer Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament

This rock, paper, scissors tournament consists of 32 of the worlds biggest influencers! $250,000 will go to a charity of the winner’s choice. 😀

Game 1 – David Dobrik vs Tana Mongeau
Game 2 – Jeffree Star vs Casey Neistat
Game 3 – Faze Rug vs iJustine
Game 4 – Mini Ladd vs Chris Ramsay
Game 5 – Valkyrae vs Kwebble
Game 6 – Matt Dajer (of Yes Theory) vs KSI
Game 7 – Mark Rober vs LaurDIY (Lauren)
Game 8 – Matpat (of The Game Theorists) vs Matt Stonie
Game 9 – Ninja vs Lazarbeam
Game 10 – Tfue vs Pokimane
Game 11 – Nadeshot vs Jack Black
Game 12 – Marques Brownlee vs Addison Rae
Game 13 – Zach King vs LaurenZside
Game 14 – Dallmyd vs Jaiden Animations
Game 15 – Preston vs Juanpa
Game 16 – Rosanna Pansino vs Juca

Play Shrek Games

The Shrek movie series resulted in a world full of characters that children and adults alike came to love. Such is the effect of these movies that kids and adults for that matter wish to spend as much time as possible there.

Tower Defense Online

Video games have developed since the 1960s when PC games were at their earlier stages. Today, computer games are much better, faster and involve user interactivity, much more than ever before.

Arguably the Best Melee Weapon in Diablo II – Take Out All Your Enemies in One Click

With a smorgasbord of abilities to offer, Breath of the Dying is a useful Runeword for melee characters – if you can pay the price. The Breath of the Dying is the only Runeword to make use of that rarest of runes – the Zod rune.

Play Frogger Games

Every gamer has heard of Frogger Games, just about everyone has played the classic game at one point or another. If you have never played them game and are interested in knowing about it, then enjoy the rest of this article. I am sure you will want to play Frogger games by the end of reading this article.

Buy Games Online, Download Instead of Buying From a Store

For anyone who buys games from shops and stores, you’ll be delighted to learn that these days there is no need to. You can buy games online, download all of them, and enjoy them shortly after downloading them.

Starcraft 2 Terran Strategies Against Protoss in 3 Steps

This guide is going to give you a quick overview of a Terran vs Protoss match and show you how to pull out a win in 3 easy to follow steps. A Terran vs. Protoss match can be an interesting one in Starcraft 2 for a few reasons.

Text Adventure Games – Saying Goodbye to Graphics, Made Easy!

While the MMORPG has exploded onto the gaming scene in the last few years (the market is now worth a massive $8 billion!), text adventure games have always been here. Lurking in the background, growing since 1975 when computer images were just a crazy fantasy, free text games have bided their time.

Multiboxing For a Varied Gaming Experience

Are you a gaming freak who loves to spend time with his video games and play stations? If you are you must have heard of multiboxing.

Finding the Best World of Warcraft Gold Guide

Tired of poor products or simply having a tough time differentiating between the good and bad World of Warcraft Gold Guides? I’ll give you plenty of tips to getting the best product.

How to Accept and Gift the Mafia Wars Red Mystery Bag

Recently there have been special missions to London and Paris, special jobs for the World Cup, and even new mystery animal gifts. One new feature, you may have noticed is the unique red mystery bag. Of course, you have probably already seen some other mystery bags out there, but this one is unique.

Text Online Games – Common Newbie Mistakes

Anyone new to text games usually makes a few common mistakes. Typically these mistakes revolve around a few simple things. Read the four following tips for some ideas on how to survive the brutal life of online text games.

The Essential Skills Highlord’s Wrath Will Do For You in Diablo II

As the only unique amulet to offer Deadly Strike, this makes Highlord’s Wrath a very, very popular choice for the amulet slot. If you put in on just as you’ve hit the minimum level, 65, you immediately have a Deadly Strike ability of 24%, just from this one amulet alone.

Starcraft 2 Map Editor Guide – 3 Quick and Easy Ways To Build A Starcraft 2 Map

There is no question that a Starcraft 2 map editor guide will tremendously help gamers script their own scenarios and create their own maps in Starcraft 2. In fact, now that Starcraft 2 is officially released many people want a quick and easy solution to mastering the somewhat complicated galaxy map editor.

World of Warcraft Mage Guide Level 80 in 7 Days

Reach level 80 in 7 days with this power levelling system. This will save hours of your time and also help you make money online.

Starcraft II Strategies – Practice Your Micro Abilities

In StarCraft II, the right moves and clicks could save your units from certain death. Saved units can regenerate health if you have a healing unit. Pulling the right micro strategies will allow you to overcome your opponent.

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