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Raiding Trial of the Crusader

Trial of the Crusader has 4 modes: 10 man regular, 10 man heroic, 25 man regular, and 25 man heroic. Pick up groups usually go for 10 and 25 man TOC regulars all the time depending on the population of your server, the Heroics are almost rarely seen, but may pick up in frequency now that harder content has been released allowing players to have over rated gear to go back and down the Heroic versions more easily. There are over 100 epic drops from each mode and a total of 7-8 times that loot will drop off…

Raiding Onyxia’s Lair

Onyxia’s Lair was redesigned from the 40 man level 60 raid it used to be to a new 10 and 25 man instance for level 80’s in Wrath of the Lich King. Along with this redesign came newer gear. In a 10 man Onyxia the gear item levels will be 232 and in a 25 man Onyxia the gear item levels will be item level 245.

FrontierVille Aims to Mirror FarmVille’s Success

FarmVille is undoubtedly a certified hit. More than 60 million users are actively playing this online Facebook application. The simple premise of raising plants and animals to gain experience points to buy and trade stuff for your farm to develop it is a sure winner.

Frontier Tycoon – The Best FrontierVille Strategy Guide For Aspiring Landlords

For those looking for techniques and strategies to make playing FrontierVille easier, you may want to check out the different FrontierVille strategy resources that are available online. You can check out forums and blogs dedicated to this Zynga game which was made by gamers for gamers. FrontierVille is a fairly easy game if you dedicate the time to it.

Which is Better – FarmVille Or FrontierVille?

FarmVille has taken the online gaming world by storm. It remains one of Zynga’s most popular games though it has experienced a decline in its monthly active users as of late.

Use These Tips to Make Playing FrontierVille a Lot Easier

Okay, so you’re totally hooked playing FrontierVille and you can’t seem to leave your frontier in fear of returning to a patch of land overrun by weeds and trees. I am definite that at this very moment, you are looking for ways on how to make playing this Zynga game a lot easier. This game has some limitations, your energy, to be more specific and you probably know by now that each task eats up your energy and that the only way to replenish it is to eat or to take a rest.

Play Cool Games For Ultimate Entertainment

There are a lot of cool games available on the internet in various categories. The following are a few examples of the popular cool games available.

Setting Up Successful Cities in Evony

To receive the most benefits in Evony, it’s important to spread out your empire and conquer more cities. Taking special consideration what to do with these cities, and what buildings to create, is essential.

Things to Consider Before Doing Battle in Evony

Before doing battle in Evony, it’s extremely important to take the time to plan out your attack. Without proper preparation, defeat is inevitable.

Developing the Best Evony Hero

One factor of Evony that’s essential, yet frequently neglected, is the hero system. Owning a high-quality hero is a phenomenal way to elevate your city’s production, make things faster, train units in less time, and gain an upper hand when attacking. Acquiring a leveled-up hero, however, does mandate a specific level of time.

Getting Started in Evony

The world of Evony is an unsafe, unreliable land in which a handful of poor decisions can cost you weeks upon weeks of work. If you are just beginning, formulating a gameplan is particularly essential and might be the difference between victory or defeat. One of the largest errors you can have is just going into it lacking any forethought or preparation.

Evony Guide to Scouting

When it comes to combat in Evony, every minor advantage counts. Regrettably, 1 frequently ignored secret to domination is spending enough time scouting out your enemy prior to attacking. By scouting out your adversary, you’ll acquire invaluable insight into their defenses, and can get a substantial advantage when it comes to battle.

Using Scout Spamming to Get More Medals in Evony

One feature of Evony that regularly becomes frustrating is the need to gain more medals, especially rare medals. Many gamers frequently become extremely frustrated as they invest weeks upon weeks laying siege to valleys, yet rarely come across the medal that they seek. Fortunately, however, there are a couple tactics you can utilize to elevate your chance of getting the medal you are looking for.

Understanding Stats in Evony

When starting out in Evony, few pay any substantial attention to the numerous statistics of your player or your city. Most players feel they have slight understanding of what is happening, but do not actually understand what everything means, or how to increase each statistic. This is regrettable, as it truly holds back one’s ultimate outcome.

Guide to Producing the Best Farm Town Crops

When you first begin experimenting with Farm Town, it’s quite easy to get overwhelmed with all of the many options, and spend lots of effort with features that are not going to contribute greatly to your success. It’s extremely important, however, to get your goals straight, particularly when starting out. While there are multiple different tactics to earn revenue, the number 1 way is surely buy harvesting and planting crops.

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