Among Us in HD (Part 82) BIGPOSTER #Shorts

Watch all of my “Among Us in HD” animations here:

Behind the scenes:

“Among Us” is a popular video game in which a group of colorful, armless astronauts work on a spaceship, accompanied by an “Impostor” who is a shape-shifting alien. The Impostor (who looks identical to the other players) kills off the crew members one-by-one. After each death, the crew has an opportunity to vote one member off the ship, launching them into space to perish in hopes of getting rid of the Impostor. Impostors have the unique ability to travel though a vent system on the spaceship, but must do so without being seen by other players – this puts them at immediate risk of being identified as the Imposter.

Music: Hopelessly Devoted To You (from “Grease”)
Performed by Carson Elliott on TikTok (@carsonsmelliott)

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