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Top 4 Ways to Get You Banned in Travian (Part 2 – Resource Transfers)

Resource Transfers are similar to Part 1 where players think they need multiple accounts to transfer resources, only there are various different ways this rule can be violated. It’s easy to violate these rules so pay close attention to these guidelines.

Racing Car Games – Certainly the Best Choice For Car Drivers

There are a number of people who literally have a problem with driving. Every one may just not be perfect. Most of us do have flaws and so what can be better way of rectifying it than by enjoying you racing car games over the internet. You can always ensure that playing car games may in fact help you to improve your driving standards. You can also experience all the fun and thrill of this sport, especially when playing it online.

Farmville Secrets Review – Farmville Tips and Tricks

Would you like to find out more about the Farmville Secrets guide and the kind of Farmville tips and tricks that you can expect to find inside? This game on Facebook has become more and more popular today, and everyone in this social network seems to love it…

World of Warcraft – Finding Gold Guides

There are a lot of World of Warcraft gold making guides out there, but only a few of them are genuinely helpful and well written. I always do a good internet search to build up a collection of reviews that the guide has received. I then compare all these reviews against those of another guide to find out which has the most positive reviews.

WoW – The Best Ways to Make Gold- Gathering Professions

So here’s the plan, gathering professions. The first one is herbalism, or if you will, flower picking. You simply have to turn on the ability ‘Find Herbs’ then as you are running around through Azeroth the herbs will pop up on your mimimap and you simply have to stop and pluck them out of the ground.

Wow Hunter Leveling Guide – Best Alliance Race For WoW Hunter Leveling Spec

The key to any successful WoW Hunter Leveling Spec is to start off with the proper race.  This is especially true on the Alliance side where the racial choices are diverse enough that picking a lesser one could make leveling harder down the line.  Here are some tips to consider when choosing the race for your Alliance hunter leveling build.

Make Kinah With the Aion Trade Broker Bulk Buying System

The Bulk Buying System is a great way of making Kinah without having to leave the Aion Trade Broker. The features that NCsoft have implemented at the broker, makes this method easy to implement.

Aion Cleric Guide – Aion Leveling Guide For Cleric

As a chanter in Aion it can be quite difficult to level up very quickly. Therefore, you have to come up with a tactic so that you can start leveling in a very quick way. But, what tactic would be the best to use?

Why Keeping Your Cafe World Customers Happy is So Important

There are a lot of things to keep track of when you’re trying to keep your cafe up and running in Cafe World. You need to make sure your dishes are coming along nicely, that you have enough servings left on your counters, and that the food you’re making isn’t going to spoil before you can get back to attend to it. If you’re like most people, you also want to spend some time decorating your cafe and putting your own personal touch on things.

Why Your Cafe Layout is So Important in Cafe World

A lot of the fun of playing Cafe World is the fact that you can customize your cafe in all sorts of ways. You can choose to add many different kinds of tables and chairs, doors and windows to create just the atmosphere you’re looking for. You can also select from any of a number of other tasteful and interesting decorations. There are even several stylish options for the clothing that your own character wears.

What’s So Special About Cafe World Gifts?

If you’re familiar with some of the other social networking games out there, you’ve probably come across the practice of giving free gifts to your neighbors and receiving gifts from them. These gifts are generally items that you could buy yourself. But of course, it’s always nice to get things for free. In Cafe World though, the gifts you give and receive break from this mold in several ways. They may actually be more important to your success in Cafe World than they are in any other social networking game that fits this same general mold, so don’t be too quick to write them off just yet.

Cafe World – Planning Your Optimum Cafe World Menu

There are lots of tempting options when it comes to the items you can choose to put on your Cafe World menu. As you advance to higher and higher levels of game play too, you only wind up unlocking more and more options in this regard. It can be very tempting to cook one item or another because of your own personal tastes, and really there’s nothing wrong with indulging yourself from time to time. If you want to be successful in this business though, you’ll have to make some more objective and analytical decisions when it comes to dish selection for your cafe.

Aion Chanter Guide – Aion Leveling Guide For Chanter

Leveling in Aion as a chanter can be pretty tough, right? Everytime you are working so hard to level up but it goes so slow. How can you speed up the chanter leveling in Aion?

WoW Alliance Leveling in the Shortest Time Possible

WoW Alliance leveling guides run the range from the most ridiculous suggestions to power leveling addons that provide the fastest means of leveling a WoW Alliance toon. This is how they work.

WoW Mage Leveling – The Fastest Way to Level a WoW Mage

When it comes to WoW mage leveling the cool thing is you really have great options. Leveling a mage in World of Warcraft can be one of the most fun experiences in the game.

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