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World of Warcraft Strategy – Halls of Reflection Bosses

There are three bosses in Halls of Reflection – Falric, Marwyn and the Lich King. You fight Falric and Marwyn after defeating several waves of spirit minions and you actually do not fight the Lich King himself, but you fight 4 waves of trash while you are trying to flee from the Lich King who proves to be too powerful for you to fight against at this point.

How to Get Your FarmVille Chickens to Lay You a Mystery Egg

The best way to raise FarmVille chickens. A good tip to help you get mystery eggs more easily.

World of Warcraft Strategy – Halls of Reflection Spirit Waves

The Halls of Reflection is the most demanding 5 man instance to complete in the game and it requires the players to actually know what they are doing and to work together as a team. It was introduced in the latest content patch and quickly became the most feared of heroic dungeon for players who somewhat lack gear for it. I will explain some of the key points of successfully completing this new challenge and I’m sure you will have no problems completing it once you have the information here.

World of Warcraft Strategy – Icecrown – The Blood Queen

The Blood Queen Lana’thel is the final boss of the Crimson Halls in Icecrown Citadel, the new raid instance Blizzard implemented in the latest patches. After defeating the Blood Council, you can head on and meet with her majesty. However, she might not be thrilled to see you so you should definitely go prepared…

Read Virtual Horse Game Reviews to Know More About Horse Games

Read virtual horse game reviews on the internet and decide which horse racing game offers you the best virtual gaming experience. Get the most up-to-date reviews on the latest horse role playing, virtual horse training and 3D simulation horse racing games.

World of Warcraft Strategy – Icecrown Citadel – Blood Council

Icecrown is the latest raid dungeon Blizzard gave us and is still interesting when it comes to strategies, tip and tricks about beating the bosses there. Entering the Crimson Halls will make you face the Blood Council and you will have to defeat them in order to get farther into this wing of the instance.

Bingo and Sports Betting

Today, it has become more common for most people to bet on sports and the game of bingo. However, winning is not easy which is why they may need some guides on the betting. And when they know the odds and ends of the betting, they may well win the bet they place.

Play Online Wink Bingo Games

Wink and Posh bingo games are growing in popularity around the globe and in UK. They are gaining more popularity due to a number of television adverts recently.

How to Make Tons of Money in Farmville

Have you ever wanted to make tons of money in Farmville? Well, check out these tips and tricks to start dominating your cash.

Free Online Multi-Player Games – Have Fun and Be Social Right at Your Computer

There are many ways to kill time on the internet. One of the most favored ways to spend sometime online is to play free online multi-player games. This is a great way to play and enjoy some time with like minded people.

FarmVille Leveling Up – 3 Top Hints

Leveling up in Farmville is extremely important. The faster you climb that ladder the more things begin to really open up for you. Get in on some important hints that will help you in your quest.

Get More Out of World of Warcraft by Creating More Characters

I really enjoy playing World of Warcraft and I have several characters to level 80 already. You may wonder why I decided to level up and gear up so many characters? Well, World of Warcraft is an amazing game but with just one character I felt somewhat limited in exploring what is possible. So I made an alternative character (otherwise known as an ‘alt’). Once this alt was level 80 and somewhat geared up, I decided to test another class as well.

WoW Leveling Guides – Choosing the Right One

WOW leveling guides are not all the same. Find out why.

World of Warcraft – The Guild Bank

At the very beginning of World of Warcraft, there were no guild banks. Quickly, Blizzard realized the need for such a tool, as the guilds were struggling storing their materials collected from various raid instances. As a result, the guild banks were officially introduced to the game.

How to Leave a World of Warcraft Guild Without Losing Friends

Quitting a guild in World of Warcraft can create tension, especially if you were one of the key players – guild master, officer, one of the best healers or tanks. No matter what your choice is, you should know that quitting a guild should be done in a mature manner so you do not lose any friends you’ve made while in the guild. How to do that?

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