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Star Trek Online – My First Thoughts

The game is not everything I was looking for, but there is also a lot that was was not looking for was presently surprised by. It is trek enough for me to enjoy it as a fan, and new enough to make me wonder “what if” all over again.

WOW Gathering Professions

WOW has two kinds of professions – Crafting professions and Gathering professions. Crafting professions are used to make “end-use” items like weapons and armor, as well as disposable (one-time) items like potions and elixirs. To make those items the Crafting professions usually use materials (mats) that are (or can be) gather by the Gathering professions.

How to Efficiently Make Money in FarmVille

We all love FarmVille. Its calming atmosphere works wonders for shutting out the rest of the world. Of course you can’t escape the need for money even in FarmVille. It’s needed for everything!

How to Level Quickly in FarmVille

FarmVille is a new online game that’s gaining a large following very quickly. People love the game and there quite a few reasons why. In FarmVille you can escape from the monotony of the everyday norm.

Boss Fights in Next Generation MMOs

One of the most exciting events to occur in an online game, is a boss encounter which you must work with others to defeat. What could computer game developers have in store for us, with the next generation of online games, and the next generation of bosses?

World of Warcraft Gold – How to Make Gold

A very common question in WoW is, How can some people make so many thousands of gold, while I struggle to pay my repair bills. There are some easy things you can avoid to make sure you can make gold, and hang onto it. Whether the step is simple and common or if it is something you’ve never thought of, putting them all together is the best way for a WoW Gold fortune.

Country Story Facebook Game – How to Get a Lot of Country Story Neighbors

Are you trying to get more neighbors in your Country Story game? Find out how you can quickly and easily get lots of new neighbors by following these easy tips.

Country Story Facebook Game Coins and Playfish Cash Tips

In the Country Story game it is important to learn the keys to managing your coins and Playfish cash. Follow these easy tips and learn how to use your coins and Playfish cash wisely.

Country Story Facebook Tips – How to Quickly Earn Coins in Country Story

Playing Country Story on Facebook or MySpace? Then you know that you need to earn as many coins as possible in this game. It can be frustrating at how slowly they accumulate, but following these tips will soon get you a nice pile of Country Story coins to play with.

Take Some Time to Carefully Plan Your Farmville Layout – You’ll Make More Money

If you take a little time when you are planning your Farmville layout, you can optimize your land and make more money. It’s easy to do, if you know how…

World of Warcraft – Zygor Guides Smart Injection System

Zygor guides has long been at the forefront of the wave of leveling guides for World of Warcraft. Now, they’ve updated their system yet again with the Smart Injection system which will automatically adjust their WoW leveling guide to wherever the player happens to be in the game, using the new UI functions added to the game in the 3.3 patch.

World of Warcraft – Zygor Waypointer

The Zygor Guides of the past were heavily reliant on Cartographer to provide in-game levelling pointers and waypoints. The new waypointer will work to provide an on-screen waypoint arrow for you to follow, place map dots on the map for any questing locations, and reveal the entire map in any zone you enter, so you know where you’re going at all times.

FarmVille Farm Equipment – Why You Should Not Buy Every Equipment Immediately

Should you buy every FarmVille farm equipment once you can afford it? At the early stage of your Farmville game, it is necessary for you to…

How to Play Farmville – 4 Basic Tips You Should Know Before Starting Farmville

Wondering how to play Farmville? Ever wonder what makes Farmville so fun to play? Well, one of main factors is that you can……

How to Level Quickly in Farmville – 2 Simple Tips on How to Get More Experience on Farmville

Not sure how to level quickly in Farmville? At the beginning stages of Farmville, it is really easy to gain enough experience to level up. At this point of time, you do not need too many experience points to…

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