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Watch all of my horror animations here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvvPIc2DnG8&list=PLHTiqada2E2BlhjkZkYoONCth1hhyy8rh&index=2

Behind the scenes:

Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNaF) is a survival horror game franchise revolving hostile animatronic characters that come out to play during the night shift at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza parlor.

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Playing the Addictive Mafia Wars

Have you yet played the very addictive Mafia Wars? This online interactive game is one played against others where you build your own mafia, buy properties, do jobs such as hits, and move up the ladder of the criminal empire around you.

WoW First Aid – A Helpful Profession

First Aid, together with Fishing and Cooking belongs to secondary professions in World of Warcraft. In some ways this profession never gained much popularity since it doesn’t enhance either profit or fun in game compared to the other professions. However, all pro players, especially dps classes had a maximum skill in First Aid since they had use of it while in combat.

How to Make an Extra 900 to 1,800 Gold Per Day in WotLK

Since the release of the Wrath of The Lich King there have been a lot of really new ways open up to make gold. They aren’t just the simple grinding for this or that. Or the ever popular buy low and sell high styles of Burning Crusade.

How to Get a Mafia Wars Firebomb

What is a Mafia Wars Firebomb and Where can you get them? Also, how to climb to the top of the ladder and become the Mafia Wars “Top Boss.” Do you want to dominate everyone, make millions, buy anything you want, anytime you want?

Joana’s Guide – An in Depth Review

Joana’s Horde leveling guide is widely recognized as one of the best World of Warcraft leveling guides – or is it? Read my review to see what I thought of it, and whether I think there is something better out there.

Facebook Poker Zynga

Zynga is a company who specialise in producing playable applications for social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Bebo. Founded in 2007 Zynga have gone from strength to strength and are now the giants of the social gaming market.

Facebook Texas Poker

You may have heard a lot about Facebook Texas poker, it is fast becoming the most popular application ever seen on Facebook. Everyone is at it from students to housewives and is it any wonder. It is a fantastic and fun game to play and best of all it’s completely free, it is a great place to socialise on those cold winter nights and learn how to play poker in a risk free way. But beware once you’re on a winning roll it can be quite addictive!

WoW Auction House Guide – How to Make Tons of Gold on the Auction House, Without Grinding!

Imagine what it would be like if you could make tons of gold on the Auction House without endlessly grinding every day. Now imagine yourself opening your mailbox, seeing hundreds of successful auctions…

Warcraft Guides to Just About Everything You Need to Know!

Have you ever wondered why you are always the one that is the lowest level in Warcraft? Or you never have gold to spend? Why there is always some one that is better than you that you are playing with? Why you don’t know the strength or weaknesses are of your opponents?

Mafia Wars Strategy Guide – Mafia Wars Collection Items

Let’s face it, collecting things in a game is fun even if it’s kind of useless. However in this game, you get sweet bonuses for collecting items! And collecting them is often very easy, especially with lots of mafia members to help if you need something.

Zygor Guide Review

Here’s a question many people may be asking when considering Zygor’s Guide as their leveling guide of choice. Does it really have the fastest leveling path in the world? Can Zygor Guides really get you to level 80 in fewer than 7 days?

Best Horde Leveling Guide

If you are a serious WarCraft player, you may have already sought out guides and ways to level quickly. Many methods and guides are not focused on a particular race and are too broad to be effective for you.

Fun Online Games – Having a Blast!

There’s nothing like a really GREAT online game. Especially when there FREE. There are so many out there, however we have picked the top 5 paid games and the top 5 free games for your enjoyment.

Legal WoW Gold – Stop Grinding and Start Making Legal WoW Gold!

If you’re even considering buying gold, I’m glad you’ve begun reading this article first. You could get banned, which is pointless when there are tons of ways to make legal WoW gold in-game without grinding!

Zygor Guide to Fast Leveling in WoW

If your like me, when your playing games such as World of WarCraft, Diablo and other role-playing games, you find it frustrating when it takes weeks and weeks to level your character you to a decent level. Well World of Warcraft just got a little bit easier.

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