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The Difference Between Your Character’s Life and Death Lies in the Sanctuary Runeword in Diablo 2

Many players in Diablo 2 consider Shields a very useful equipment to have. When you wear a shield, you get a % to block all of an attack’s damage. Some builds may not require a shield, like Assassins who can wear two claw weapons but increase points in the Weapon Block Skill and still be able to block, or Barbarians who have high Defense due to their armor and Iron Skin skill and prefer to dish out the damage using two-handed weapons or a weapon in each hand. For most other builds however, a Shield is something that might be the different between life and death.

Diablo’s Currency for Expert Players

Stone of Jordan, or commonly referred to as an “SoJ”, is a unique ring, and is quite possibly the most classic item in Diablo 2. The reason behind this iconic status has been the fact that Stone of Jordans used to be the main currency between Diablo 2 traders. It had two things going for it: by itself it is a very useful item, and it has an incredibly low drop-rate, and thus both factors combined made it a valuable currency for traders.

The Armor in Diablo 2 That Lets You Go Anywhere – Enigma Runeword

Enigma is considered the King of all Armors in PvP (Player vs. Player) play. It requires an extremely rare Rune (Jah) to make, but it offers all non-Sorceress characters to use that most treasured of Skills for PvP: Teleport. It is a crucial Skill for many PvP builds, but especially so for Paladins who use the Blessed Hammer Skill as their primary attack (commonly referred to as Hammerdins). Paladins who use the Smite Skill (commonly referred to as Smiters) also find Enigma an attractive armor, due to the +2 to All Skills.

1 80 Leveling Guide – What You Need To Level Like The Warcraft Legends

Warcraft is getting harder and more and more people are struggling! Read on here to see how you can level to 80 in record time…

SC2 Protoss 4 Gate Build Order – Starcraft II Strategy Guide

It is important to discover how you can perform the 4 gate build order that is of the Protoss, the information below will definitely help you out and give you advantage ahead of your opponents. First of all, you want to make sure that you are practicing hard in order to master the build, there are a great deal of scenarios in which this build will and will not be useful, and you want to make sure that you have the most advanced tech options and upgrades so that you can counter anything that you’re opponent is doing….

Free World of Warcraft For Gaming Aficionados

If you are a game lover then you are going to love the free World of Warcraft offers that are on. Using these free World of Warcraft offers you will be able to game on like never before. Also, how about taking your game to the next level? You can enhance your game and race ahead of competition with the help of the Runescape membership that you can obtain at certain websites.

Mage Leveling Guide – Gearing Your WoW Mage

This mage leveling guide will cover the basics of gear you will want to to use while leveling. A mage is limited to cloth gear but there is not a lack of options to help you level fast.

World of Warcraft Gold Tips – Do You Really Need That Expensive Gold Farming Guide?

In World of Warcraft you really can’t ‘farm’ gold, but you can mine it or pickup dropped items from instance runs or killing named bosses and sell the drops at the auction house. This tactic works best once you have reached a level of 40 or more. Then you have the necessary skills and gear to run the instances and fight the bosses repeatedly.

Flash Games For Prizes Are Fun

Games are great. They break up the boredom of a day. They can be played on computers if you own one. You can play them for fun or you can get just downright serious about playing them. There are many times when you wished you could take a break at the office and just play a game online for a little while. You can always do some other activity that involves the family, but, sometimes you need to take some time for yourself. Flash games for prizes will do that for you.

Conquering the Frontier Without Cheats

Do you want to learn how to play the newest and hottest Zynga online game FrontierVille? Sit back, relax and have some fun blazing through the frontier while clobbering vermin, tending crops and raising a family on your homestead. Well, you can do this without any cheats and just for pure enjoyment.

StarCraft 2 Colossus Counter Strategy Guide – Best Tactics

The colossus is one beast of an opponent to go up against as you probably already know and it absolutely gives players tons of trouble, but you can use these counters for every single race and help defeat colossus users today! So this is what you are going to do. As you know, air units can attack to Colossus because it is so high, the Viking and the Banshee are unusually great against this, the reason is because it can be hit by both air and ground as we just said, and the Viking can take…

Free WoW Gold Guide, the Secrets to Farming Thousands of Gold

Hello friend, I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to emulate my results but if you follow the information below and implement it intelligently you’ll be well on your way to being a WoW thousandaire. (Is this even a word lol? IT IS NOW).

Starcraft II – Zerg Infestor Strategy Guide

The zerg infestor is probably one of the more interesting and powerful units in Starcraft 2. Just like all other units, they are micro intensive, one thing I like to do right off the bat is to put zerg infestors in their own control group so I can hotkey them and micro them much more effectively.

Starcraft 2 Ultralisk Strategy Guide – Zerg Tactics

When it comes to trying to master starcraft 2 you can do so by using something known as the ultralisk. This is probably one of the best things about starcraft 2, which is utilizing these things and their amazing abilities.

Starcraft 2 Terran Vs Zerg Strategy

So, you’ve gone ahead and purchased your copy of Starcraft II! Congrats! You have in your hands one of the most highly anticipated and beloved Real Time Strategy game of this generation.

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