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Mafia Wars Character Types – How to Choose the Best One!

There are three character types in Mafia Wars with each possessing equally slated but differently set parameters. Each character type has some pros and cons. In order to choose the best one, you first need to know about each one of these.

All You Wanted to Know About Mafia Wars Vehicles

Vehicles in Mafia Wars are an important part. They have these attack and defense parameters that can mean a lot if you are serious about doing jobs fast and leveling up quick in the game.

4 Reasons You Should Start Using Mafia Wars Analyzer Right Away!

If you have been playing the game for quite some time, you know how tough it becomes to keep your inventory updated, to keep track of your progress and to plan future moves. All this can be saved and in fact, you could make rapid progress in Mafia Wars if you started using the analyzer tool right now!

Simple Mafia Wars Fight Tips – Win Fights Without Hurting Yourself!

Fighting in Mafia Wars is probably the most important, and perhaps therefore, most difficult thing in the entire aspect of the game. You can do jobs, complete them fast and earn energy, money or whatever. But fighting requires a different skill altogether.

How to Pass Every Restaurant City Quiz

The restaurant city quiz is a great way to test your food skills. The daily food quiz offers players a chance to pick a free ingredient every time they log on to their accounts every day. This event is looked forward by a lot of players because it is simple and provides a great way to own easy and free ingredients for the game. There are many ways for you to be able to pass and answer every question in the daily food quiz. After all, getting to answer every quiz is one of the most important parts of the game. A lot of people though don’t really get to answer the quizzes as much as they want to. The quizzes become of the things that a lot of people have trouble with in the game.

World of Warcraft Gold Farming – Why You Need a Good WoW Gold Guide

An effective WoW gold guide is a tool that every World of Warcraft player should have in their gaming arsenal. It is a necessary companion that will help you achieve your goals of making as much 200 gold an hour on average, or more.

Ace of Clubs Mafia Wars Collection

Mafia Wars was started by Zynga as an online multi-player game on social networking sites. The past year has seen a phenomenal rise to fame in this game with more than 25 million active accounts. In the process of playing the character, one has to do jobs and also collect cards of different tiers such as ace of diamonds, heart flush range, club flush collection etc. for reaching to the top level.

Fight and Gain by Building Up Mafia Wars Stamina

In an online game of Mafia Wars, there is plenty to do for the characters involved. Building up of a mafia empire and sustaining its power over rival mafias requires stamina. Having stamina in this exhilarating game would help in routing out challenges from enemy camps with ease.

Free Online Games Can Provide Great Family Entertainment

Adults and children can enjoy free online games that provide an excellent distraction from the problems of everyday life. The games are fun and many are very educational and mentally stimulating. You can choose from hundreds of games, all for free.

How to Play Mafia Wars?

The most popular online game, the mafia warfare, is played by over two million players worldwide. This multi-player online game is played in different levels and to know how to play mafia wars games you can visit the various websites on the internet and follow the rules to play the game.

How to Add Mafia Wars Members

For a very successful mafia army to succeed, you need to have a large group in the army so that at no point are you left alone to defend yourself. So the more mafia war members you have the more chances are that you are on the winning track and will vanquish your opponents quite easily. So what actually makes a mafia gang really successful? Lets find out!

How to Level Up Fast in Mafia Wars – 4 Important Tips

Mafia Wars is quite a popular game today. With over five million people playing the game, the competition is surely high. The most important thing in the game is to level up quick without losing much of your energy.

The Best Way to Reduce Mafia Wars Upkeep and Save More Money

An important aspect of Mafia Wars is sometimes that it gets too realistic. The concept of upkeep for some weapons and cars is quite intriguing and might actually lead to a loss of money that you have accumulated if you do not tread carefully.

FarmVille Tricks For Leveling Up

FarmVille is suited for any one whether for fun or as an addiction. Those who have an addiction for it always focus on leveling up.

And Now There Are Mafia Games For an iPhone Too!

Owners of the iPhone are proud to have their latest gizmo with its user friendly interface. Those who are fond of playing online games might be even more thrilled because one can play mafia related war games while on the move with an iPhone in hand.

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