how many mobs will this crossbow pierce?


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Maplestory Guide – Horntail

Horntail is a monstrous dragon with an incredible amount of power, it is easily capable of crushing unprepared parties. Though with a properly prepared and organized party it is not nearly as difficult as it looks.

FarmVille Trees – Why They Are Important to Your Farm

Are you a FarmVille player? Want to learn more about how you can get further with the game? Look to the trees!

Are All MMORPG Currencies Destined to Fail?

MMORPGs typically have inflation problems with the currencies. These are caused by the always increasing supply of money from the players and gold farmers. While there are some strategies that help prevent the problem, it may always be around.

Maplestory Guide – Jr Balrog (Low Level)

The Jr. Balrog. Once the lord of the Sleepywood Dungeon and the bane of beta players, is not nearly the dangerous foe he once was. However, for those of you under level 50 he may still pose a problem.

Kozen Aion Abyss and PVP Guide

The Abyss is the terrain in the Aion game where the actual battle for the fortresses happens. The confusion occurred out of tackling things with the Abyss is made clear in this guide. It gives all details about how to participate in the best fights with the other players online. By doing so and winning the fight, a player increases his experience and ranks.

The Three Most Popular Leveling Guides For Horde in the World of Warcraft

Once in a while, you may have encountered problem when trying to level up your character from the Horde colony in the Warcraft game, but have you asked yourself what might be the problem or what are you doing that is not supposed to be done? On the other hand, do you happen to have the necessary horde leveling Guides to help your horde character progress faster throughout the quest levels? If not, then you have to seek a horde guide that best outlines details of the various horde characters that will best suit your desired mission.

The Future of the World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a great game with a very friendly theme to it. Ever since its release in the year 2004, many people have joined the fantasy world that comes with this game. This is an addictive game that has had many hooked and unable to leave their computers for over 24 hours in a week.

How a Horde Leveling Guide Will Help You

Most people at one point or another are faced with a difficult level while playing the Warcraft game. Even the most experienced players who have been playing the game for many years sometimes find themselves just staring at the screen with no idea of what to do next or where to turn to but once you have the Horde Leveling Guide, those difficult levels will seem quite easy.

Some Interesting Secrets to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a World of Warcraft Horde Guide

With so many places to see, people to meet and things to learn in the World of Warcraft, you will hardly meet any new player enjoying the Warcraft game as much as the regular pro would. Apart from the fact that the game is indeed rendered as one of the most difficult to play, ironically you will find the complexity the entire game is indeed the center of all the fun to be experienced.

How is World of Warcraft Affecting the Society?

Recently a kid committed suicide in a situation where the parents claimed that this was as a result of addiction to this game. Apparently he was playing the game and then for some reason took his own life. His parents are blaming the game developers for their son’s death and are even suing them to boot.

Mage, Priest and Paladin Changes in World of Warcraft – Cataclysm

All World of Warcraft fans out there are really looking forward to the upcoming expansion, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. One of the most awaited and researched information is what is known so far about the changes that will take place regarding the different classes. There is not much available at this point for most of the classes, but I believe it is interesting to see what we do know so far.

The Benefits of Memory Enhancing Online Games

Online Games are more than fun. They help you become mentally sharper too.

World of Warcraft and What It’s All About

The video game Warcraft was created by Blizzard entertainment and released into the gaming industry which caused ripples once it started to become a franchise video game. The game is made up of at least four concurring series with the first being named Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, the second was Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness, the third was Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos and the last but not least was World of Warcraft.

A World of Warcraft Success Story

World of Warcraft popularity seems to be growing as each day passes. More and more people are finding themselves in the position where they are getting hooked and spending a lot of time glued to their seats playing this game.

Why the Warcraft Game is Popular

For those looking for a good game that is interesting enough for them to play for hours without getting bored, well the game to play is Warcraft as it has thrilling adventures that will keep you glued to the screen. Once you start playing this game it keeps pulling you in with all the fantastic features that it has from the adventure in the world of Azeroth to the combat versus mode which enables you to fight a fellow player using different characters.

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