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Making Gold With Jewelcrafting and Mining

Having mining and jewelcrafting together will further emphasis your ability to make lots of gold with your professions. While you can easily have one or the other to make gold it’s really convenient to have both.

What is Toughness? WoW Mining Information

In patch 3.0.2 there were several special attributes added to the gathering skills to make them even more desirable to have, besides the fact that they are excellent ways to farm for gold. Herbalism received the Lifeblood heal over time ability which allows herbalists cast a very small heal over time for themselves. Skinning received the Master of Anatomy passive trait which provides skinners with increased critical strike rating.

How to Increase Your Mining Skill – Mining Skill Enhancements

Oftentimes there are a few places while leveling mining where the last few skills required to mine a certain ore in an area get annoying. Not so much anymore after a recent patch that changed some of the minimum requirements on some of these ores, but still annoying.

Smelting Your Way to 450 Mining – WoW Mining Tips

If you are thinking of leveling your mining up with your high level character be sure to consider smelting much of your way to 450. While mining is a great skill to have leveling it up can take a long time and if you aren’t casually leveling it up while you are leveling your character up it can turn into a tiresome burden as you run through low level zones searching for ore.

What Profession to Choose in World of Warcraft

A common question asked by many players both old and new is, “what profession should I choose?” This is a very good question to ask and consider because without proper consideration you might end up choosing a profession that doesn’t really suit your character and then when you decide to change it later you will end up losing a lot of gold in the process.

Alliance Leveling Guide – Finding a Guide For Leveling Alliance Toons

Alliance leveling guide programs offer new and old players a chance to power level alliance toons through questing very quickly. The best alliance leveling guides can allow players to hit the level cap in less than 8 days.

Farmville Secrets – A Fresh Guide to Getting the Most Out of Farmville

Farmville Secrets is a guide made for both those just starting out and those who have been playing since it began. The purpose of this guide is to help you get as much Coin, Farmville Cash, and Levels as possible in the littlest amount of time, and have fun doing it.

WoW Mining – What You Need to Get Started

There are several things you will need to get before you can mine effectively in World of Warcraft. Some of these things are for convenience and some of these things are necessary.

How to Get World of Warcraft to Run on Kubuntu

If you like to play video games on your computer and especially World Of Warcraft and you have a Linux based machine all is not lost. You will still be able to play these games on your machine.

Farmville Secrets – The Original Strategy Guide From a Great Farmville Player

The Farmville Secrets Guide is a collection of information gathered by the author from months of testing ideas, interviewing other high-ranking players and his own experience. He gives advice on how to play the game efficient, while gaining coin and Farmville Cash without having to Micro-manage the game as often.

FarmVille Secrets – Your Best Moves to Earn Farm Coins and Farm Cash

You need plenty of Farm Coins and Farm Cash to get the most out of FarmVille. Here’s the basic info you need to understand the differences and start earning more of both quickly and easily.

The Benefits of Online Games

There are many benefits to playing games online. Here are some of them.

Mining Changes in Patch 3.3.3

Ah, another patch is coming soon to World of Warcraft and there are loads of changes occurring. As always some players welcome these changes while others cringe and complain about them. There are often changes that make the game play much easier for more casual players with changes like new gear, reduced cool downs, and easier instances.

Where to Mine Saronite Ore

Saronite is an easy way for a miner to make lots of gold. There is a high demand for it and when you farm saronite you are often lucky enough to come across a good number of titanium nodes to mine. Because it’s what many miners use as there final gold making strategy mining saronite can be a bit difficult as many areas are highly farmed.

Dirtbike Games – Getting the Excitement of the Sport Without the Risks

There are some fun stunt bike games online that will thrill you, especially if you are very passionate about bikes and would like to live the excitement of the real motorcycle races through the online games themselves. The game is a pretend motorcycle race that you can play without getting hurt yourself. The online dirtbike games are examples of such games.

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