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Read About Arachnid’s Mesh, Because You May Have Never Seen It’s Poison and Skill Damage in Diablo 2

Arachnid Mesh is a unique Spiderweb Sash (notice the wordplay going on there?). It is a popular belt for casters due to several of the mods on it.

Dragon (Part 1) – Combine the Runeword’s Holy Fire and Poisonous Venom to Make Attackers Think Twice

At first glance, the Dragon Runeword looks underwhelming compared to other Runewords, but there is a specific build that would use Dragon: those who stack the Holy Fire Aura from Dragon with the same aura from another item, specifically the Hand of Justice Runeword in weapon. A build that goes all out for Holy Fire Aura damage would be commonly referred to as Dragon Disciples. There are other builds out there, and most of them focus on doing the four elemental damages, as will be seen when we look at the stats of Dragon.

Fortitude (Part 2) – Find Out Why Casters and Melee Characters Alike Want to Use This Armor

One of the good reasons that a caster or Hammerdin (Paladin who uses the Blessed Hammer Skill as his primary attack) might want to make use of the Fortitude Runeword. +300% Enhanced Damage – Good damage from a Weapon Runeword, but there are other Runewords out there that provide a bigger damage boost (Doom, Breath of the Dying, Grief, etc…)

Fortitude (Part 1) – Triple Your Defense With the Chilling Armor Mod Offered by This Diablo 2 Armor

Fortitude is a very interesting Runeword due to the fact that it can be used either in a weapon or in body armor. Some of the mods are common to both a Fortitude created in a weapon and one created in body armor, but they also have different mods depending on which one the Runeword was created in. This Runeword is only available to Ladder Characters.

What Is It About Diablo 2’s Templar’s Might That Makes Players Want to Wear It?

With a high Strength requirement and no Resistances boosts, Templar’s Might offers little for high-level players. In fact, these drawbacks also make it a non-viable option for Mercenaries as well, who tend to need all the Resistances they can get just to survive for an effective period of time on Hell Difficulty. All the mods on Templar’s Might seem to point to the fact that it might be a useful armor for Paladins.

Real Tips to Play Online Pool Games With Perfection

Online pool games are means of real fun for those who want to play them without going to outdoor locations. What can be nice than practicing these games online before playing a real match with a compeer.

Free Shooting Games – Are You Missing Out on Some Killer Games?

If you are a fan of none stop action and a little senseless violence then free shooting games are targeted right at you. Did you know that there are free shooting games to heated and controversial for most politically correct console systems available online for you to play free? Check out this detailed info to get access to some of the best shooting games now.

Starcraft 2 2v2 Tips – 5 Things I Learned Ranking Up To Diamond

Over the past few weeks, I have been playing quite a bit of 2v2 matches in Starcraft 2. I have slowly worked my way up to the top of the Diamond league, and in this article I will share the best Starcraft 2 2v2 tips I picked up along the way.

Online Games Are Easy Access

You really can find everything on the World Wide Web these days; including games. A social site, such as Facebook, even has gaming communities such as FarmVille, Family Feud, and countless others. If you are someone who has a knack for traditional games, such as Scrabble, you can even find online sites where you can play Scrabble with other enthusiasts.

Why SpongeBob and Gormiti Games Are Greatly Popular Online

SpongeBob and Gormiti games have captured the adventurous hearts of gamers around the world. These games started out as children’s favorites but the fun and action have delightfully captivated every gaming spirit with a great lift. Let us take a closer look at each of these famous games as to how and why they get so popular online. What do they really have in common?

Computer Games Still Have ‘It’

Who says computers are just for doing your work (school, job, home finance)? Computers are used for much more than just typing word documents, creating PowerPoint presentations, checking emails, sharing pictures on Facebook and posting up to the minute updates on Twitter. Your computer is used for playing games.

Why Isn’t Verdungo’s Hearty Cord the Best Belt for Melee Characters in Diablo II?

It probably is with its high “damaged reduced” and life features. The only surefire way to know for sure is to wear it; unless you read about it. It’s massive bonus to life is hard to resist. Remember “vitality” is not the same as “hit points” or “life”. Let’s take a look at its other features that might convince you of its importance in Diablo 2.

Natalyas Set – Fade, Physical Damage Boost and Attack Speed – What Is There Not to Like? (Part 2)

Natalya’s Odium is a 4-piece Set designed with a Martial Art-using Assassin in mind. Any class can use the helm, body armor, and boots, but only an Assassin can make use of the class-specific Claw Weapon.

The Infinity Runeword – How Crushing Blow, Enhanced Damage and Magic Find Boost Your Merc (Part 3)

Leverage magic find, enhanced damage and crushing blow to make the expensive runes in this weapon insignificant to its powerful features. The Infinity will use these final statistics to turn your mercenary into a cruising dynamo assisting your character in more ways that you could imagine.

Discover the Secret Behind the Slow Polearm Insight Runeword and Why Every Caster Uses It (Part 2)

As if Meditation isn’t enough to make your mercenary’s Insight an uber-special weapon, the insight has a critical strike component affecting as much as 46% of its attacks. Find out more about the special features this relatively cheap runeword offers its users.

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