I Put 1,000,000 Christmas Lights On A House (World Record)

Watch until the end to see how insane the houses look
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Diablo 2 Last Wish – What Can 60-70% Crushing Blow Do for You in a Duel? Massive Attack Bonus Part 2

Bolts of electrical energy are discharged, and they flit about randomly, seeking to shock any targets in the vicinity. A Level 20 Charged Bolt emits 22 Charged Bolts, each one doing 13-15 points of Lightning damage.

Important Points to Consider for Work From Home Ideas

In this jet set life, we look for something that can help us do our tasks quick and fast. So in that case we readily accept techniques and technologies that helps us save time and money. There are many things that needs to be done in a single day so if we can save the time required to travel to get the work done, then of course there is nothing better than this.

Oculus (Part 2) – Energize Your Sorc With Elemental Spell Damage, Life, Vitality and Teleportation!

Does the annoying 25% chance to teleport make this weapon annoying or useful? Probably useful if you are in a duel. Given that it also boosts vitality and energy as well as increase magic find, it goes without saying the Oculus is a survival tool whether you like the teleport feature or not.

Oculus (Part 1) – What Could Be Better? Faster Cast Rate, Resistance and Teleport for Your Sorceress

The Oculus is one of three Unique Orbs, all of which are usable only by Sorceresses. With a +3 to All Sorceress Skills, decent boost to All Resistances, Faster Cast Rate, bonuses to Vitality and Energy and even a whopping 50% bonus to Magic Find, the Oculus is a well-rounded caster weapon for the Sorceress.

Bone (Part 2) – The Mini-Fortitude for Bonemancers Is Here! Enjoy This Relatively Cheap Armor

Bone is a Runeword that can be made in body armor. Requiring two Rare Runes, in the form of two Ums, it is considered moderately expensive. With the mods on it, it’s quite clear that Bone was created with the Necromancer in mind. The large bonus to Mana indicates that Bone would be suited for Necromancers who make use of Bone Spear or Bone Spirit, two offensive spells from the Necromancer’s Poison and Bone Spells Skill Tree. These Necromancers are commonly referred to as Bonemancers.

Crown of Ages (Part 2) – Elemental Resistance, Faster Hit Recovery & In-Destruction – What’s Better?

All Resistances +20-30 – This boost to All Resistances might look small compared to those provided by other items, but it is still very, very decent and definitely one of the many plus points of Crown of Ages. +30% Faster Hit Recovery – When your character gets him, there are a few frames of animation. If your opponent hits you for 1/12 of your hit points or more, you also run the risk of being stunned.

Dish Out Life and Mana From Your Enemies With the Crescent Moon Amulet – Unique From Diablo 2

While Crescent Moon might not appeal to casters due to its lack of caster-friendly mods, it will definitely appeal to melee characters, with the main attraction to them being the Life and Mana Leech. When used properly, this amulet will leave your life and mana pots on your belt 90% of the time.

Tal Rasha’s Wrappings – Leverage Skill Mastery in Tals Set That Renders Your Char Powerful (Part 3)

Analysis: This class-specific Orb is the one item in the Set that only the Sorceress can wield, and hence the reason why only a Sorceress can complete the entire Tal Rasha’s Wrappings Set. And does this Orb offer a smorgasbord of incredibly useful mods.

Bul Kathos – Add Skills, Life and Stamina to Your Diablo II Experience As You Hack Down Demons!

Bul-Kathos, in Diablo Lore, is believed to be one of the first humans to be born in the world of Sanctuary, who are commonly referred to as Nephalem. He was also believed to be the guardian of Mount Arreat itself. Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band is a unique Ring. With Life Leech and a boost to Life, it would be a good choice of a ring for melee characters.

Why Does Everyone Give Bonehew to Their Act II Mercenary? Is It Because of the High Damage?

Bonehew is a unique Ogre Axe Polearm. Most melee characters don’t use Polearms because, while they do high damage, are quite slow. Also, Polearms have one big drawback: they require two hands, thus forcing the player to forgo the use of a Shield. Since Shields offer a % of Blocking attacks, with a successful Block negating all damage, and usually good Resistances, most Diablo 2 players will be loathe to give up the use of a Shield for a Polearm (even the Barbarian, who is able to invest points in Polearm Mastery). However, there is one character that can only use Polearms as a weapon and cannot use Shields: The Mercenary from Act II.

The Cat’s Eye Is Mandatory If You Want Extra Defense, Faster Run and 25 Points in Dexterity

When one thinks of a Cat, one usually imagines a dexterous, quick, graceful animal. The Cat’s Eyes is a unique Ring in the game that actually has mods that do reflect all these positive descriptors. What this amulet does not consider are the cats claws… or does it?

Dragon (Part 2) – Learn More About the Dragon Disciples and Their Manipulation of Hydra and Fire

Hydra is one of the Sorceress’ most potent Fire Spells. The Dragon Runeword would interest any melee character who wanted to deal damage via Holy Fire.

Inflict Open Wounds, Vicious Life Leech and Sporadic Life Tap in a Duel Against The Strongest Player

Dracul’s Grasp is a pair of Vampirebone Gloves, useful in PvM (Players vs Monsters) due to its high Life Leech and chance of inflicting Open Wounds, but its primary and best use comes in the realm of PvP (Players vs. Players) gameplay, due to the Life Tap trigger. Defense: 125-145…

Tal Rasha’s Wrappings – Take the Most Popular Purple Set Armor With You Anywhere You Go (Part 2)

The -60% Requirements mods is icing on the cake, freeing you from needing to have a high Strength score to wear this amazing armor. Just like the helmet, this armor has many features that make it a tasty carrot cake that everyone wants to wear. Find out why…

Tal Rasha’s Wrappings – What Could Be Better Than Low Strength Requirement and High Life-Mana Leech?

Tal Rasha’s Wrappings is a 5-piece Set designed with a Sorceress in mind. However, any class can use the helm, body armor, belt and amulet but only a Sorceress can make use of the class-specific Orb weapon. Unlike some other Sets, each individual item from Tal Rasha’s Wrappings is a great item in its own right, and in fact, the individual items are very popular with non-Sorceress players as well (except for the Orb, which only the Sorceress can use).

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