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Arcane and Fire Mage PvP Talents in Cataclysm – What You Must Know to Dominate With Your Mage in WoW

If you prefer to spend your time in PvP with your Mage then you are going to love the changes to the talent tree in Cataclysm. The best Mage PvP talents in Cataclysm are the ones you use as an Arcane Mage as they have been devised to provide you with plenty of fire power to take out your opponents and keep your Mana levels high. Among these talents are Arcane Power, Arcane Concentration, Improved Mana Shield and Presence of Mind.

Online Gaming: Some Tips

Games are fun. Computer games-and virtual worlds-double the fun. Online games triple it.

New Versions of Super Mario Bros Online

For lovers of online games, super Mario bros online presents to you a new wave of entertainment. Some of the Super Mario has now been transferred online for the young and the vibrant players to access it full time. If you have played the old game before; this is no different; only that is more fun and involving. Versions that have been transferred already include Mario Overrun and Super Flash Mario. Others are on the ways; of getting there and being accessible as well.

Best Farming Spots in Azeroth – WoW Farming Strategies to Bank Gold!

With so many changes coming to the Old World due to the Cataclysm it is going to take a while to figure out where the best farming spots in Azeroth are likely to be. One thing that you can always count on is that lowbie materials are going to sell well for the two new races. This means you are still going to make good gold on all of the cloth you can gather, along with ore and herbs.

Strategy to Get Paid to Play World of Warcraft or Any Other Game

It would be sweet to get paid to play World of Warcraft right? How about every game you play online or offline? Keep reading to learn more!

Learn While Having Fun With Physics Games

Toys and games are two things which keep children busy, interested, and amazed. Toys are more for children of 2-3 years but games are ultimate friend of growing children. As guardians, parents have to make decision that which games are good and which can cause mental stress on soft minds of children.

Warcraft Leveling Zones

In this article we are going to evaluate some aspects of World of Warcraft addons that can help player to level at higher speeds. First of all nature of addons are going to be discussed, secondly varieties of addons will be examined, at lastly what to look for when going for World of Warcraft addons. As experienced World of Warcraft players might know, wow is open interface game.

WoW Warrior Macros That Unlock Maximum Effectiveness

Did you know that without the proper WoW warrior macros and keybinding it’s impossible to play this class at maximum efficiency? Even if you have the best gear in the game, you can still suck big time if you have a bad keybinding and no macros. So, in this report, I’m going to outline a thing or two that I’ve learned about WoW warrior macros.

World of Warcraft Gold Making With Farming and Auction House

One thing you should remember when looting mobs is that the best craftables/pots/etc are learned from recipes and patterns, green level 20 recipes can go up to 1k gold. A few weeks ago I sold a strathole green recipe for 850g. Always keep these when they drop, because most people are too lazy to farm them by themselves and therefore just buy the first best one on the auction house, paying sometimes 100g for a 5g recipe if it’s the only on the auction house. You can also get these from traveling vendors in random areas, buy these as well.

The Most Useful WoW Pally Macros That the Elite Players Use

Do you want to play your paladin at maximum in arena, raids or heroics? You cannot possibly achieve that without the best WoW pally macros. Here are a few macros that will boost your gameplay.

2 WoW DK Macros That Will Considerably Improve Your Gameplay

There are many WoW DK macros that you can fit into your key binding to improve your gameplay. Also, it’s vital to have a balanced key configuration that allows you to play all your available abilities. In this report I’m going to focus on 2 important WoW DK macros which, in my opinion, are a must-have in any DK’s q-bar. Ready to learn the macros that will allow you to play your death knight on a superior level?

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Gold Strategies

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Gold Strategies. The Latest gold making strategies and techniques for World of Warcraft Cataclysm, everything you need to know about the Auction House, dailies, and professions.

WoW Death Knight Macros That Will Maximize Your Gameplay As a DK

To unleash a DK’s maximum strength, you have to use a balanced key binding an the appropriate macros. I know that sounds troublesome, but I found a shortcut for that. I’ll talk about it in a minute, but first, I want to outline a thing or two about macros, in general.

You Can’t Play Your Priest at Maximum Without These WoW Priest Macros

Priests have quite many spells and skills to cast, upon which the trinkets and other items come to add up. Without a proper key binding and a few macros, you won’t even have enough bar slots to fit them all. Anyway, in this report, I want to focus a little bit on the most important abilities that a priest should macro and put into view a few types of nice WoW priest macros.

The Return of Runescape Dueling

For many years Runescape has been affected by the changes to free trade. Now with the lift of the trade restriction, the high risk, high profit activity of dueling has returned. This article will focus on the style of dueling referred to as “Mage Boxing” and some strategies and variations that can bring in big wins.

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