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Horde Leveling Zones – Cataclysm New Neutral Quest Hubs

Beginning with level 10 and up to level 85, there are plenty of neutral quest hubs in World of Warcraft. Because neutral camps provide many easy-to-complete quests, the zones that contain neutral camps should also be your Horde leveling zones. Cataclysm has also brought new neutral camps to Azeroth. So, in this post I will point out a few of the most important ones.

Elements of a Superior Horde Leveling Up Guide

Are you looking for a Horde leveling up guide? Well, there are plenty out there, but not all of them are worth paying for. In this post, I will point out the elements of a superior Hord guide for leveling. By knowing what you’re supposed to get for your money, you will surely make the right decision.

How The Secret World Is Going to Redefine MMORPG

The upcoming MMORPG “The Secret World” is being developed by Funcom and is promising to revolutionize online gaming and the way gamers have been playing online games. The developers have promised to deliver the best experience ever in online gaming to the players. I have been following the game real closely and if you happen to pay a visit to their website, you will come to know about the various innovations that the developers have promised to deliver, once the game is released. Some of the unique features of the game include…

Horde Leveling Zones 1-85

The leveling path from 60 to 85 is about the same for every Horde player. However, you have plenty of different alternatives to choose from, when it comes to your 1-60 quest path. In this post, I will provide you with a complete Horde leveling path, pointing out the Horde leveling zones 1-85 that I usually go through every time I roll a new character.

Tips to Getting Your FrontierVille Game Running Smoother

First, If you do not have an antivirus program you may have a virus. I recommend downloading a free program called Microsoft Security Essentials and running a scan. The full scan may take hours.

How to Go Days Without Playing a Video Game

Gaming is the act of playing a game. Addiction on the other hand can be defined as a continued use of an activity or substance despite its unfavorable consequences. Gaming addiction refers to excessive amount of time spent on computer games. While video games are designed to be addictive, gaming addiction can easily interfere with one’s daily life. For many, gaming has become an uncontrollable compulsion causing the users to isolate themselves from family and friends, as well as any form of social contact, and instead using that time to focus on in-game achievements.

Horde Leveling Path From 10 to 30

I’ve been working with a Horde leveling guide for a while, and to be honest, I just can’t even think of leveling another Horde character without it. Its 1-85 Horde leveling path is simple and condensed, focused to provide you with a maximum amount of XP. Before I have found this awesome leveling tool, my leveling path involved especially the zones in Kalimdor, but after that, things have changed. This Horde leveling guide showed me a different, much better way to level up from 1 to 85, and the part that I liked the most, the part where I used to struggle the most is the 10-30 level range. So here’s the fastest Horde leveling path from 10 to 30.

Horde Leveling in WoW – What Enhances Your XP?

Are you planning to start a new Horde character? Horde leveling in WoW is not such a tedious process as it used to be. However, it still can be if you don’t know where to quest at a certain level, or what you must do for every quest. There are factors that enhance your XP rate and you should be aware about those factors, if you want your Horde leveling in WoW to be smooth and fast. So, in this post, I will be speaking about a few of the ways that you can enhance your XP rate.

Horde Leveling Help For Intermediate Level Players

When I say “intermediate” level players, I mean Horde players that have reached the Outland zones. So, this article will be providing Horde leveling help for the players in a level range of 60-70. Now that it’s been clarified, here are a few useful tips for Horde leveling in Outland.

Horde Leveling Strategy – Dungeon Leveling

Dungeon leveling is a Horde leveling strategy that many players use nowadays, to raise their characters from level 1 to 85. Well, maybe not exactly from level 1, you cannot enter any dungeon or use the Dungeon Finder until you’re level 10. But from 10 to 85 it’s not a very bad way to level up a Horde character. So, here are a few tips regarding this Horde leveling strategy. Also, I will provide you here with a full World of Warcraft dungeon leveling path, from level 10 to level 85.

Important Horde Leveling Places in Kalimdor

Cataclysm has brought many changes to the old zones of World of Warcraft. Many new quest hubs were introduced, and zones that were not so great, XP-wise, for Horde players, are now great to level up through. Therefore, in this post I will put into view a few Horde leveling places that should be in your leveling path, if you’re questing in Kalimdor.

3 Horde Leveling Spots Where You Can Also Level Up Your Professions

Crafting professions can be easily maximized without leaving a main city, once you’re level 85, but when it comes to gathering professions, it’s a different story. However, if you focus too much on leveling up a profession, you may diminish the XP rate of your character by a lot. That’s why, here are 3 Horde leveling spots where you can also complete some quests, while skilling up your Mining, Herbalism and Skinning.

The Popularity of Flash Games Online To Play

Anyone and everyone fond of playing games online, swear by their regular doses of free flash games available online. Unless you are one of those old-fashioned people who just prefer to stick to the predictable and incomplete world of standard video games, you will know the compulsion of playing and exploring the world of virtual games. There is no better way to make the most of your available leisure time than playing them. All you need for these endless sessions of fun are your laptop or desktop and a working Internet connection. And if you are the tech savvy gamer, the gaming experience will only get better with your iPad.

SWTOR – Earn Credits With PvP

There is a common belief, that PvPers don’t need so much currency for their needs and neither their activity into the Warzones is profitable. If you are in that particular group of people, you can keep reading.

DLC: Where Do We Draw the Line?

If you are a gamer there is something you will have noticed lately in the industry, publishers have established a new form of constant income flow, DLC and Online Passes are now starting to look like the future of gaming. This is obviously a tactic which allows publishers to secure money on used game purchases and not just new game purchases. Is this a step forward for gaming?

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