Minecraft RTX 67% #Shorts

Watch all of my “Minecraft RTX” animations here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHTiqada2E2CU75pfiwatdkHpmfE9svBV

Behind the scenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSS1zDP_gcQ&list=PLe5Frw1C-LJBU1QTdfwPJCZ2KhaN-W8Iw&index=67

Minecraft is an open-world survival game. Uniquely, it does not follow a storyline; rather it presents each player with the challenge of simply existing in the blocky wilderness alongside a wide array of livestock and monsters. From infiltrating undersea fortresses to visiting alternate dimensions, it’s tough to run out of activities in this vast game.

Music: “Beggin'” by MΓ₯neskin

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Online Gaming Simplified

Games are a part of every media and network for the simple reason that they draw attention from all the sides. It has become a kind of marketing technique to incorporate gaming options into a website as a form of direct entertainment offer. Take the example of any popular networking website like Twitter or Facebook. Games have become a normal part of everything we use in our daily life. We have games built into our operating systems and mobile handsets. It has become a mandatory feature for anything that deals with entertainment in a virtual environment.

Online Games – Benefits And Drawbacks

Spread of internet has significantly effected the growth of several online businesses. Games played online are one of the best examples for this phenomenon. Online gaming has always had a completive edge over offline games because of their interactive nature and networking abilities. Online games are out-and-out fun. And if you start listing the benefits you can attribute endless qualities to your favorite Games played online.

How To Master Racing Games

Here are a few tips to excel in racing games. Study your game well. As you know there are tons of racing games out there and each game has its own set of rules and requirements. The driving parameters differ based on the interface you are working on. Games designed for personal computers differ from the ones designed for handheld consoles or video game units. Learn the basic and advanced shortcuts and control panel keys. They come handy when faced with a tricky position in your race.

Developments In Car Racing Games

Car games are popular compared to other auto games for their appeal and attractive car models. Most of the car games offer the player to choose a car of his choice. Sometimes there are special manipulative features attached to these models like better speed or better control. Some players find smaller cars more compatible with their gaming skills. They feel that smaller cars are safer while driving across ridges and steep turns. However, in reality it depends on the player’s timing and coordination. The player should apply the brakes wisely for keeping the speed under control.

Leveling Jewelcrafting in Cataclysm

Jewelcrafting is a good profession to get if you are looking to make gold. It’s easy to get the materials for it, since the Auction House is normally full of ores and it’s pretty easy to level up. Also, most of the combines you’ll be doing for Jewelcrafting involve using only one gem to create.

Online Games – What’s Your High Score?

Internet has become a huge hit everywhere and it now has something or the other to with our lives. Interesting isn’t it? How the world has changed from outdoor games to video games and now to online games.

Making Gold With Leatherworking in Cataclysm

Leatherworking is not often considered to be a gold making profession. No one says, ‘you should pick up Leatherworking so you can make more gold.’ Instead they usually say ‘you should pickup Mining or Herbalism and go out and farm for hours’. If you have or are considering leveling Leatherworking you should know that you can actually make a good amount of gold with it.

Web Based Gaming Services

There was a time when games were marketed only through dealership stores or software retailers. But now, most of the games are sold through online sources. A major share of game lovers are tied up with online games and rest try to download their favorite game for free. Web portals like Yahoo, Google, MSN, Excite, MySpace, BBC, etc. provide a wide range of games including action, advanced and puzzle. A simple search can land you with hundreds of gaming sites offering exciting game packages. This includes free as well as paid games. Gaming Zone by MSN is quite popular among online gamers. It offers lot of free games in a multiplayer environment for legendary games like Galactic Battlegrounds and Age of Empires.

How to Level First Aid in Cataclysm

Cataclysm has brought many changes to World of Warcraft, some of them make the game easier and some make it a pain as players have to level up once again, this time to 85. First Aid has been made easier to level with Cataclysm and in previous recent patches. This article will share some of those changes.

Making Gold With Engineering in Cataclysm

Engineering is referred to the black sheep of gold making professions. During Wrath of the Lich King a lot of people picked up Engineering to make their faction’s version of the passenger motorcycle (Mekgineer’s Chopper and Mechano-Hog). Engineering has also been refereed to as a selfish profession, mostly only benefiting yourself with neat things like parachute cloaks and bombs that can be thrown to stun a group.

The World of Avid Gaming

Gaming has provided a new dimension to our lives by offering a door which leads us to a new galaxy. A galaxy filled with real time thrills, chills which no one had ever experienced. With gaming a lot of us have encountered a new strength, a feasible way that encourages us to go for more and learn more.

How to Make Gold With Blacksmithing in Cataclysm

Blacksmithing is a great profession to have if you want to make some extra gold by crafting. It’s commonly thought that, in order to make to make gold, you need to either farm minerals and herbs or have rare recipes. This is not true, you can make a lot of gold using the basic Blacksmithing plans taught to you by your local Blacksmithing Trainer. In Cataclysm there are several sets of gear that are easy to make and will sell on the auction house for a decent profit.

How to Make Gold With Inscription in Cataclysm

Inscription is a great profession for making extra gold. Most players think that Inscription is best used to make glyphs to sell on the auction house. This may be true, but the system that you need to setup and maintain in order to create literally 100s of glyphs can be a bit overwhelming and time consuming to run. Because Inscription is usually used in this way, there won’t be a lot of scribes crafting the miscellaneous items discussed below.

Herbs to Farm to Make Gold in Cataclysm

Herbalism is one of three of the major gathering professions in World of Warcraft and remains a great source of income in Cataclysm. Some of the most valuable trade materials can only be gathered if you’re an herbalist, but most people don’t take their herbalism skill all the way to level 525.

Online Games – Entertainment at Its Best

Man cannot live without entertainment. It’s a way of amusing himself in his leisure time. Entertainment can be passive such as watching a movie or opera, or active such as recreation or sports.

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