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World of Warcraft Tips – Useful Tips on Teamwork in World of Warcraft

Being the online multi-player gaming community that it is, teamwork is an essential cornerstone of the World Of Warcraft experience. This article outlines some useful hints and tips on teamwork when playing World Of Warcraft.

Where Can I Download Or Play Rummikub Online?

“Rummikub is a tile-based game for two, three or four players. It won the 1980 Spiel des Jahres award (German Game of the Year) and the Spel van het Jaar award (the Dutch Game of the Year) in 1983. Also, known as Rummy-O or Rummycube.”

Druid Leveling Guide

Druids, like shammies and pallies, do a little bit of everything. They shape shift to the appropriate form of the role they take on. If they are tanking they go into bear form, if they are on DPS, they shape shift to cat form. By shifting into the individual forms, they are a little more efficient in that role than a shaman or a paladin would be.

Rogue Leveling Guide

If you know what to do, rogues can be among the quickest and easiest characters to level in World of Warcraft. The right specs and armor can go a long way, and the rogue’s ability for stealth makes it easier for this character to avoid trouble that other characters may get into. Rogues are often more popular on PvP servers. Because of their stealth abilities and slightly more study build, rogues are a popular choice for first time players.

Mage Leveling Guide

For most classes, leveling quickly is all about DPS, and no other class deals DPS like a Mage. Mages shine at doing damage and crowd control. They take a little finesse to play though, because they deal so much damage that they generate a great deal of threat.

Warlock Leveling Guide

Believe it or not, the class best suiting for soloing in World of Warcraft is a cloth wearer. Warlocks have an easier time both leveling and surviving whether they are alone or in a group. The reason for this is that locks (warlocks) have more diverse options when it comes to the type of damage they deal.

Priest Leveling Guide

Priests are the healers. When you are a priest, every one wants to group with you, because you can keep them from dying. This is a good thing, because priests are exceptionally easy to kill. There is no need to look for another class. It is still possible to level your priest quickly, if you know how to protect and spec him properly. In fact, it is even possible to solo.

Paladin Leveling Guide

Paladins, or Pallies, are very versatile in the roles they are able to play. They are a hybrid breed that is able to heal and tank at the same time. If they get the opportunity, they can deal a good amount of damage. DPS is the cry of all WoW characters trying to level. For paladins, Retribution is the best way to get the high DPS and level quickly.

Shaman Leveling Guide

The shaman, or affectionately known as shammie is a jack-of-all-trades and a master-of-none. They can tank, heal and deal out the damage, but since their talents are so varied, they have no real specialization. Draenei are the only Alliance race that can become a Shaman. If you play Horde, you have more choices for race, but consider Orc or Tauren. These two races have added racial bonuses that compliment the Shaman class.

Warrior Leveling Guide

Warriors are the tanks of World of Warcraft. They are designed with abilities that help them hang on to agro, feed on it, and do some pretty hefty damage in the process. Orcs, Taurens, Humans, and Draenai are among the races best suited for Warrior based on racial bonuses. Warriors are the heartiest of all the classes.

Hunter Leveling Guide

Hunters, if built and played properly, have the potential be the highest ranged DPS dealers in the game. The key words being built and played properly. Hunters have a lot of unique abilities and assets that make them perfect for leveling solo. They can also be very useful to groups. All this can make leveling very easy for hunters.

Where to Farm Gold – World of Warcraft Gold Farming

Figuring out where to farm gold is bigger than just picking a zone or a particular mob group. There are other issues at hand that will have a larger affect on your farming than which mobs you choose to kill.

Online Games – Fun of Gaming

For anyone who is on a budget and does not wish to spend hundreds of dollars on gaming devices, or for anyone who just wants to have fun, online gaming is the way to go. You can spend hours playing any type of game that tickles your fancy, and without spending a dime.

Outland Gold Farming

Outland gold farming is different from anything before TBC. There are many more options, and they enable much faster accumulation of gold. Find out why, and what things you need to consider when farming gold in TBC.

Best Place to Farm Gold

Gold farming locations don’t have a fixed value – they depend heavily on the number of people competing for mobs. Identifying farming spots that have low populations will improve your hourly earn rate.

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