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Farmville Levelling Up – 6 Easy Ways to Level Up Consistently

Every player has unique levelling up skills when it comes to Farmville so you have to make sure you have a nice technique too. You should play by the rules and level up honestly without recurring to hacks, bots or cheats, or else you are going to get banned from Facebook and consequently from Farmville.

FarmVille Secrets Review – Can You Become a Successful Player With This Guide?

The “FarmVille Secrets” Guide is top notch when it comes to FarmVille Guides. There are about a dozen of them out there but none was able to capture the attention of so many FarmVille addicts as this one.

Raids in World of Warcraft – Knowing Your Class’s Role is Important

Everyone who is actively playing World of Warcraft knows that the best gear and the most fun experience comes from raiding. Raids are more difficult to complete than a normal 5 man dungeon run, as the bosses are more powerful and in order to successfully complete a raid dungeon, the players must know how to play their class well and how to perform their specific role. Before World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade there were 20 man and 40 man raid dungeons. When TBC hit, the raid dungeons were available for 10 and 25 man raid groups only.

Not All Talents Are Created Equal in World of Warcraft

The choice of talents for your class is important in World of Warcraft as it provides a wide variety of game play styles as well as affects everything about your character – gear choices, abilities, enchants and more. It becomes a very important choice as soon as you reach maximum level and the end-game content becomes available to you.

Essential Guide to Social City – A Facebook Game by Playdom

Social City is one of the fastest growing Facebook games of all time. If you are familiar with the concept behind the Sims, then you absolutely need to to investigate this new type of city building game. Playdom did it right this time and see why they are gaining ground on Zynga.

World of Warcraft – Cataclysm Shaman Changes

With the bits and pieces of information released regarding the upcoming expansion to World of Warcraft – World of Warcraft: Cataclysm it is no wonder that everyone who is currently playing a shaman is interested in what’s new for their favorite class. Shamans have had lots of pain and love over the past few years and are one of the classes that had received various revamps, changes and adjustments.

New Instances, Dungeons and Raids in World Of Warcraft – Cataclysm

The good news is that there will be plenty of new dungeons and content come World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Some of them will even include a Heroic Mode to old dungeons such as the Deadmines. This is something really cool in my opinion, as we all know how painful that place is if you go there at level 15.

5 Tips to Get Ready For World of Warcraft – Cataclysm

Players who played World of Warcraft before the last 2 expansions, know that there are certain tricks that many of us used to prepare for a new expansion. No hacks or anything, just some smart moves to make your first few hours / days of the new expansion a lot more smooth and enjoyable.

What is a Power Leveling Guide?

Power leveling is simply defined as leveling a particular character in the game as quickly as possible. The main aim of the leveling is to be able to move to the next level faster and gain the relevant experience and points. Both the experienced player and the newbie can use it.

Aion the Tower of Eternity – This is Not Just Another War of Warcraft Clone

One of most popular online games now is Aion The Tower of Eternity. Basically, it is about the eternal conflict between light and darkness. The good guys are the Elyos and the Asmodians and the bad guy is their enemy, Balaur. The story line itself is a wonder to behold, so you may want to know some background first. The universe was a peaceful place where the Elyos and the Asmodians lived together in harmony in a place called the Tower of Eternity.

World of Warcraft – Cataclysm Warrior Changes

Warriors were promised some super cool new abilities before World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, but not all of them appear in the game. As a result, warriors are still looking forward for some new cool and useful talents and abilities, even though the warrior class is performing both tanking and damage dealer role in a group or raid in a competitive way.

World of Warcraft – Cataclysm Druid Changes

Druids are one of the most versatile class with 3 very different yet very powerful talent trees allowing them to excel in all 3 different roles – tanks, healers and damage dealers. Druids have undergone some serious changes over the last several patches and are one of the most fun classes to play, at least in my opinion.

Rogue Leveling Guide and Rogue Leveling Spec

Starting a new WoW character is always a daunting task. Today we’ll talk about the early levels of Rogue. This Rogue leveling guide and its Rogue leveling spec counterpart will help ease your journey to level eighty.

Tetris – Game Review

You will have to search far and wide to find somebody that has never heard of Tetris. Tetris was one of the first games created for computers way back in June 1984, and still remains one of the most played games today. For those of you that have been living in a hole for the last 26 years, here is a little summary of the amazingly popular game.

Turbo Subs – Game Review

The Turbo Subs game is the follow up to the popular game Turbo Pizza. Well guess what? This time it is all about the sandwiches. How have developers followed up from their popular first try – is it an improvement?

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