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WoW Gold Secrets – World of Warcraft Gold Cap a Hoax?

Any serious Warcraft player has heard of the World of Warcraft gold cap. Over time there have been players that have claimed to have reach this ethereal number but due to the low gold yield of most TBC farming techniques it hard to believe that someone could actually amass such massive amounts of gold. Today, more and more players are making these claims and are offering proof in the form of screenshots and video of their accomplishments.

WoW – Familiarize Yourself With Farming

Are you new to WoW and do not have any idea about the game? This article will try to guide through one of the most important aspect of this online game which has become popular with gamers all over the world and is today considered to be the most popular of all such games.

Priest Arena Guide – WoW Arena Strategies

Playing with a priest in arena can be a really tricky choice. While it is one of the most powerful classes in arena it is a bit hard to learn how to play properly with it. Besides, it requires especially great awareness. However, if you know how to play with it, then your team will become unstoppable.

Warlock Arena Guide – WoW Arena Strategies

Warlock is a really good class in arena. While it is not always the best in all situation (like Death Knights used to be) they are far enough powerful and flexible to get 2200+ rating in no time if they are played properly. In this Warlock Arena Guide I will discuss the best talent, gear, and setup options for a warlock.

Aion Grinding – How to Gain Levels Fast in Aion Online

Aion grinding is a really good way to gain levels fast in Aion online. Unfortunately most people tend to do more questing instead of aion grinding. While questing can be a lot more fun to do, it does take a lot of time to travel back and forth between the quests.

Paladin Arena Guide – WoW Arena Strategies

Playing a paladin in arena is actually a very good choice: it is easy to learn how to play properly so you can achieve high ratings in no time. But before I move on with my Paladin Arena Guide to explain the most effective team setups and strategies for paladins, let me give you a few pieces of general advice regarding arenas.

Toss the Turtle Game Review

Online flash games love brutality to random animals; this may seem a bit harsh, but as long as nothing like this happens in the real world, then it is something I can live with! As you may have guessed from the title, it is time for the turtle to be battered and bruised in an online distance game. This is a distance game, but it is not just another distance game, this is because it offers a lot of distinctive features that other games of this genre have not added.

How to Multi-Box Daily Heroics

The solution is to dual box, or play two characters at once. To do this, you simply queue them up together as a party. One of your characters should be a tank or healer, obviously to get around the queue.

Best Warlock Raid Addons

If you play World of Warcraft, you probably use some addons. AddOns are extensions to World of Warcraft’s default interface which allow you to do what are normally existing tasks through a better interface. If you play a Warlock, there are a few AddOns you should definitely check out before raiding. Here are the three best Warlock addons.

FarmVille Help – Beginners

FarmVille is a Facebook application and is used by millions of people. You are given a set amount of land and you can grow crops and harvest them to make money. Once your start making money you can then buy a house and decorate your farm. The more money your get the nicer things you can afford. For those who are new to the game and are looking for some help there are a few things you should know.

Best Horde Priest Race – A Breakdown by Purpose

So you’re planning to roll up a new Horde faction priest, but aren’t sure what exactly you should aim for as far as race? It can be tricky figuring out the best Horde priest race for your purposes, but fortunately this guide is here to help make the decision a bit easier. We’ll discuss which races are best for which goals, and why, so you can make an educated decision.

FarmVille – Level Up Quickly

FarmVille is a game played on Facebook that is perfect for any type of player–casual to serious. Of course, serious players tend to look for ways they can make the best use of their FarmVille playing time, which means their main focus revolves around leveling up.

Raking in Tons of Farm Cash

Out of all the Zynga Facebook games, FarmVille is among the most popular. And because FarmVille gives rewards to players who accumulate many friends, the addictive factor is very high. Just as with any other game on Facebook, FarmVille has exploitable loopholes, such as getting boosts with Farm Cash, which can eventually become self-sustaining. Farm Cash can be spent on items for your farm while Farm Coins can be put towards obtaining more land.

How to Heal With a Priest

How to heal with a priest is pretty straight forward right? You just target a player and heal! Well that may be the simplest explanation but healing with a priest is a lot more complicated than that. It’s about more than just keeping the group alive, it’s about mana preservation and even assisting in DPS (yes that’s right, there’s nothing more wasteful than a priest with full mana not doing anything).

The Best Rogue Leveling Guide

If you have never played a Rogue in World of Warcraft, then, seriously, what are you waiting for? The Rogue is one my absolute favorite character classes and I have a feeling it will be one of yours as well.

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