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Bin Weevils Review – Virtual Worlds for Kids

Bin Weevils is a virtual world for kids that was launched in 2010 by Bin Weevils Inc., based out of the United Kingdom. Bin Weevils began as a short series of cartoons that played on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons. Shortly thereafter, a series of puzzle books were published. The children’s social networking site soon followed. The site is aimed at children from age 7 to 13. This game exists in a virtual world where the members’ insect characters explore, meet new friends and play games.

Mastering Herbalism Levels 1 to 525

Herbalism is one of three gathering professions in World of Warcraft – Cataclysm. Mining and Skinning are its relatives but Herbalism stands out because of its massive range of potentially gathered herbs. When it comes to Mining, there are about a 15-20 different ores you can find in Azeroth and the Outlands, with Skinning there are less than a dozen types of leathers but with Herbalism there are many many dozen herbs scattered about.

WoW Skinner’s Guide – Where to Go To Skill Up

Leveling up Skinning starts by visiting a Skinning Trainer. You can find one by talking to the nearest guard in faction’s big city (like Orgrimmar or Stormwind). They will send you to a Skinning trainer where you can buy a Skinning Knife and pay a few silver to become a level 1 Skinner.

Using Herbalism to Farm Gold

In World of Warcraft one of the most useful things you can earn is gold. Gold is used to buy top level gear, repair that gear, buy items from other players and even to get access to exclusive mounts and other vanity items. Chances are if you’re reading this, you want to make a lot of gold in WoW so let’s cut right to the chance.

Online Gambling Laws in New Zealand

All gambling activities in New Zealand are regulated by the Gambling Act 2003. Here is a brief yet concise overview of the laws regulating online gambling in New Zealand.

Habbo Hotel – Fun Websites for Kids

Habbo is an online social networking website for teenagers that was launched in 2000 by Sulake Corporation in Finland. It was originally known as Habbo Hotel and is currently the world’s largest online community and social game site for teenagers from age 13 to 18. It operates in 11 different languages with the English-speaking countries combined into one website. The website has users from over 150 different countries. As of August 2011, over 230 million avatars have been registered.

TY Girlz – Virtual Worlds for Girls

The most recognizable product that Ty Inc. has produced is the Beanie Baby. Ty produces a long line of unique plush toys. In 2007, Ty Girlz first appeared as a plush toy, quickly followed by the Ty Girlz website. Both the toy and the website are aimed directly at girls from age 8 to 16. Non-members can check out the website for free; however, this limits most of the activity they can have in the virtual world. Unlike most other virtual worlds, Ty Girlz does not offer monthly or annual memberships. Instead, members must purchase a Ty Girlz doll which has a secret code attached to the tag. The code can then be entered on the website during registration, unlocking full membership benefits. Currently, the price for a Ty Girlz doll is $14.99, though this price can change and may vary.

Secret Builders – A Virtual World for Kids Review

Secret Builders is a social networking massively multi-player online game (MMOG) that was launched in 2007 by Renaissance 2.0 Media. The site is aimed at children from age 5 to 14. The site is a combination of social chatting and educational features. Players are introduced to historical characters and learn basic concepts in math, science and the humanities. Children are given the opportunity to express themselves through creative writing and artwork.

Playing in Blinds at Limit Holdem

A blind bet is a forced bet you have to place before the round starts and cards are dealt. Poker is a battle for blinds. Without them everyone would be waiting for premium holdings and there would be no action.

How to Best Deal With a Death Knight in World of Warcraft

In World of Warcraft Player versus Player mode, Death Knights can be the most difficult classes to fight. Depending on the spec, they handle different threats in many unique ways and have an answer for everything that comes their way. Far from invincible, yet extremely powerful, if you can over come certain pitfalls then you will be well on your way to finishing off Death Knights much more often.

Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Guide

Recently Modern Warfare 3 was released by Activision on November 8th and It has broken all the records set by the Previous Call Of Duty Series Games. The Game is too addicting like always but the real addiction lies in the Multiplayer Part of the Game. Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer takes MW3 to another level where you can play with your online friends and strangers.

Ways to Frequently Succeed At Online Solitaire

An issue that I found problematic, in fact pretty much very hard, seemed to actually complete a game of solitaire. I might spend many hours actively playing the game, looking at the playing cards as good as shifting them about but never in fact finishing a match completely.

SWTOR Smuggler Class Review

We all know that the majority of people will be playing Jedi Knights or Sith Warriors in the new Star War the Old Republic MMO, but you shouldn’t overlook the Smuggler class. This article will give you a quick SWTOR Smuggle review so you can see if the play style is something you would be interested in.

What Makes Online Arcade Games So Popular?

Playing games is a favorite way to pass the time for millions of people around the world. Most of them will love to play games online for hours and hours every day.

The Best Way to Play Bratz Dress-Up Games

Bratz dress-up games are rather simple games with simple objectives. They are mostly preferred by little girls who really love fashion. But then, these games can take on a serious tone if played the right way. The Bratz are the modern teenager’s epitome of fashion and popularity, no question about that.

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