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What Is DPS?

DPS stands for Damage Per Second, and refers to sustainable damage. The term is commonly used in a few different ways in MMOs, although all still use the same basic definition. This article will explain how the term is commonly used.

Black Ops Tips: For a Better Playing Experience

Call of Duty: Black Ops is a shooter video game by Treyarch and released worldwide on November 9, 2010. It is a first person shooter game published by Activision and available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Wii consoles, Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS. It is the seventh installment of the Call of Duty series.

The Recent Innovation of Cool Games Online

Computer games boost in popularity due to the continuous increasing numbers of Internet users. As long as the majority of people in the world will keep using the Internet, games will continue rising in number as well. Most of them are very cool games that could be played by kids and adults. A lot of creative games are widely distributed in the market industry.

Make WoW Gold With a Hyacinth Macaw

Because of the achievement system there are now many crazy players out there who want to “catch em all.” However, this can be troublesome when you start looking for a pet like the Hyacinth Macaw. The “Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw)” is an epic quality item and the rarest pet in the game.

WoW – Best Heirloom Enchantments

I recently started leveling up a few new characters so of course I had to get some awesome new heirloom items. I heard that you could get enchantments for them, but I had no idea what enchants were best. It took a lot of searching, but I finally found what enchant is good for each type of BoA item.

10 Tips for Leveling Fast in World of Warcraft

Here are a few tips to get your characters leveling speed up in World of Warcraft. Some of them may seem obvious, but I often see people not using these tips, and that just slows them down. So without further ado, here are the leveling tips.

Rift Rogue Build Guide – Perfect Rogue PVP Builds

If you are into MMORG’s then chances are you are either playing WoW or my favourite, rift. The hardest part of playing rift is getting to grips with all the souls that you can use to perfect your rift rogue build, or any other build. As there are seven important ones to choose from but only three at a time can be used, here is a rundown of seven of the souls and how to use them for the best rogue build for PVP or normal play.

Minecraft Mobs and Creatures

There are many different creatures in the Minecraft world. There are some passive creatures, which will not attack you. There are also creatures that are aggressive, these will attack you and chase after you.

A Simple Guide to FarmVille Buildings

There are a lot of individuals that play FarmVille and they never really understand the importance of the buildings that you can build and create while you are playing the game. That is why you will want to continue reading this. You will learn about which buildings are the most important and what they will do for your farm as you continue playing.

A FarmVille Flowers Guide

If you have found yourself wondering what flowers can do for you to get ahead in FarmVille, this is the article for you! This short flowers guide will help you to determine whether you should be planting flowers and which ones and how to properly do it.

The FarmVille Beginners Guide to Animals

Are you new to Facebook’s FarmVille? I bet you’re wondering how everything works and what you should buy and stay away from. Here are a few simple beginners tips to animals that will help you determine what’s right for your farm and what you should shy away from!

Have Fun With Arcade Flash Games

With money being so tight, entertainment expenses have been placed at the bottom rung of priorities. Many people have reached a point where they could barely afford their basic needs. Thankfully, not all entertainment has to be paid for. Available online are free arcade flash games. These are not demos. These are full feature games that are available to the public for no charge.

Advantages Of Free Online Flash Games

People can get so obsessed with money. They work long hours at the office. They sacrifice their health and their time with their family just so they could earn more money. Sadly, they do not realize that not everything can be bought. Whoever said that the best things in life are free must have been referring to free online flash games. These games are totally free.

Play Flash Games Free Online

Let’s face it, when we are stuck in the office all day with nothing better to do with our lives except maybe to work, there has to be a way to keep ourselves busy, because after all, a brain-dead day can be far more tiresome than actually working hard. That being said, to be able to play free online games can definitely be a way to pass the time very quickly, especially when you find your favorite game.

Free Flash Games That You Can Play From Your Browser

While many mainstream developers have been releasing a lot of graphically rich and intense games for the PC and various other platforms, many of them require your hardware to meet certain requirements and almost all of them can eat a huge chunk out of your wallet. Of course if you are looking for a way to kill time and have fun while doing it, there are still many free games that are being released by smaller developers.

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