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The Professions of Aion

Aion is one of the biggest new MMOs of the last couple of years, and with that fresh new content comes a slew of people looking to track down what is surely a lot of extremely new information. The crafting system is one of the most common details asked about for the new game. So much different than other crafting systems in MMOs, there are a lot of people who don’t quite understand how it works yet. So, here is a brief rundown of what professions are available and how they operate…

World of Warcraft Leveling Guide Reveals Powerful Secrets

There has never been a more popular RPG game than the World of Warcraft. Millions of fans of all ages spend hours playing this online fantasy game. If you’ve ever been around a group of people discussing the game you will quickly realize they have a unique language all their own.

Horde Level Guide – Learn to Play WoW Like a Pro

If you want to improve your World of Warcraft playing skills then it would be in your best interest to learn everything you can from a player who knows everything there is to know about this incredibly popular RPG game. That person would be Joana, or Mancow is he is known on some servers. He’s one of the best players there is and if you’ve spent any time playing WoW you’ve run across him.

Discover 4 Types of Massively Multiplayer Online Games

The computer gaming landscape has changed dramatically with the popularity of online gaming. While traditional games pitted the player against the computer, online games today allow gamers to interact with other players all over the world through the internet. Players are now able to form virtual teams to compete against or cooperate with each other. There are essentially 4 kinds of massively multiplayer online games. This article examines the differences between them.

Stimulating the Economy on Azeroth – A Few Ways to Excel in World of Warcraft

If you’re a WoW gamer aiming to reap serious profits and acquire the most beneficial gear, you should take up a profitable profession to supplement your looting and Auction House skills. As a miner you’re able to dig for precious stones, minerals, and ores from designated nodes all throughout the WoW universe.

Miner’s Paradise – Increasing Your Profession Skill in World of Warcraft

The mining profession is the most direct route to gaining a large amount of gold in WoW. You use a variety of tools such as pickaxes to reap various minerals and ore from the land. You’ll then take these items and sell them to blacksmiths, jewelry crafters and others at the Auction House. You should also save some for yourself, as you may need the raw material later on in your WoW journey. Definitely save those hard to find materials.

Smelt Your Way to Level 80 With World of Warcraft’s Blacksmith Profession

Blacksmithing is one of the eleven primary trades you can learn in Azeroth. These guys are heavy duty, taking ore and turning it into exquisitely crafted pieces of gear. As a Blacksmith, your character is able to work raw iron into armor and weapons.

No Matter What Your Class is Get Ready to Level Up With Power Leveling

All of us World of Warcraft gamers want the easiest and quickest way to level 80. The only way to do this in a timely manner is by following the best advice from the most trusted guides. You can’t do it alone-though average players have tried and have taken months to get where they want to go.

Surviving in World of Warcraft – Have You Learned How Play Effectively in WoW?

World of Warcraft is one of my favorite games of all time, and the 12 million players who subscribe to WoW must feel the same way. WoW is the third installment of the Warcraft series. The characters of WoW share the same setting and atmosphere as with the rest of the Warcraft games.

Advice For Paladins – So You Want to Be a Guardian of the Holy Light?

Guarding the Holy Light is no easy task. That’s why we leave it to the Paladin class, which is one of the most powerful and entertaining classes of characters in the World of Warcraft universe.

Hayden Hawke’s Secret Gold Guide Review

For many players in WoW the biggest problem is obtaining enough gold. Simply grinding mobs to earn a bit of gold is very time taking and we all know that it can get quite boring at times. If you have just started playing and still need to level up, you will not need loads of gold but if you want to gear yourself up a bit or level your professions, it can get very pricy. This is why a little guidance is always useful, even on the lower levels.

Dugi’s Ultimate Warcraft Guide Review

The World of Warcraft is by far the most popular game that has ever been created. With over 11 million people playing the game, it is officially the biggest hit ever when it comes to games, and its popularity is still increasing. If you have already been playing WoW, then you probably know why the game is so popular.

The Ultimate Guide on Leveling Up in World of Warcraft in Less Time Than You Think

All of us gamers could do with some powerful advice on World of Warcraft. This MMORPG is so extensive it has taken even professional gamers and testers years to advance to the highest levels. It debuted in 2004 and quickly became the world’s most popular MMORPG.

Choosing Your Class of Avatar Among the Wonderful Entities of World of Warcraft

There’s a multitude of great characters to choose from in World of Warcraft. Each character belongs to a certain class, a certain race. Be advised that when choosing a character of a specific race you will not be able to communicate with characters belonging to another.

Lessons to Learn From Dress Up Games

Almost all sorts of games can be a source of learning and development for a person involving in this kind of activity. Not seemingly noticed by others and parents as well but if we are to analyze and observe the changes that it could give, we therefore can tell that it really has served it’s purpose, to educate and develop while entertaining.

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