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Facebook’s Typing Maniac

Typing Maniac is a game from metrogames which tests our typing speed and alertness. The first three levels is alright, but when the level after starts to have some tweaks in them ie. fire book, ice book etc. you can always expect the levels to get harder.

Facebook’s Word Challenge

The game is dead simple. The main aim of it is for us to create as many words as we can in a given time, the longer the words, the better it’ll be.

Star Trek Leveling Guide

Star Trek Online is a new MMORPG game developed by Cryptic Studios, the folks behind a few other successful online RPG games as well. The game story is set to about twenty years after the events seen in popular TV series. In essence, the Federation and the Klingon Empire are once again at war, and those are also the two main playable factions in Star Trek Online.

Itower Defense Games

Do you need a break from the regular strategy games? Then the tower defense games are your answer! These games are a sub variety of the real time computer strategy games. These games have their roots in the classic strategic game ‘The Rampart’, which is concerned with protecting the castle by inserting cannons and repairing the damage caused to the castle in between the rounds of attacks.

Atlantica Online Leveling Guide

Atlantica Online is a free massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) created by NDOORS. There are several main features in Atlantica Online which you should familiarize yourself with before logging into this game.

Getting FarmVille Cash

Everyone wants to know the secrets to getting FarmVille cash. Learn a few more farm secrets.

How to Get More FarmVille Neighbors

Everyone wants to know how to get more FarmVille neighbors. There are many ways to learn how to get more neighbors. Today we are going to discuss that! There are over 60 million users playing as of this writing, so there are always people looking for more neighbors. If you have a lot of neighbors, you can get more free gifts!

Warcraft Gold – 5 Top Tips to Make Enough For Your Flying Epic

Want to upgrade your mount to an Epic? Not got enough gold? Read these tips and you will be well on your way.

Warcraft Professions – 5 Ways to Make Gold With Low Level Blacksmithing

Blacksmithing in Warcraft, like many crafting professions, can seem like a gold sink early in the game. Here are 5 items you can make that will help you to balance the books.

Warcraft Professions – The 5 Best Places For Low Level Mining

Does mining in Warcraft seem like a struggle? Do you want to make gold and level this profession as quickly as possible but need a helping hand? Read on.

Warrior PvP – Effective Warrior PvP Combat Secrets

When it comes to PvP in WoW, most of the classes avoid combat over close quarters. One might ask what one means by the term PvP. In WoW, the combat between two characters on each other is commonly abbreviated as PvP. It revolves around combat between characters of all races. The PvP battles are mainly fought to earn Honor Points and PvP Arena points. There are two distinct factions in WoW. They are the Alliance and the Horde.

Bored? Try Flash Games Online

It’s vacation time. There are various camps organized for children to enjoy their holidays. These are really expensive for people who just about manage their expenditure. However, it is not written anywhere that such individuals cannot have fun in their life. Even they have the right to enjoy. But the question put forth is what are the entertainment options available for them to make their vacation the most memorable. The only answer in today’s world is online games.

Choosing Flash Game Genres For Viral Games

Viral Flash games are capable of driving massive amounts of traffic, and building brand awareness or collecting opt-in details. While the style of game will inevitably depend on the brand or product to be promoted, there are certainly some genres which are better suited than others.

Farmville Guide – How to Master Farmville Without Using Cheats

Facebook is home to a bazillion different apps-almost all of which are entertaining and fun to use. However, one particular app has taken Facebook by storm. The online Facebook sensation “Farmville” is a highly popular game that is played in between members of Facebook, the popular social networking website.

Determining the Ideal Racials For Your New Alliance Warrior

Considering rolling a warrior? Trying to decide where to start? Before you just roll whichever your friends have all got give each race a decent look over. I’ll begin by discussing the Alliance races, giving you a decent head start.

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