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Player Housing – Where is It?

Why are newer MMORPG games avoiding features like player housing? How can 10 year old games like Ultima Online handle player housing so well and newer games fail at it?

Are Deathknights Too Much Trouble For World of Warcraft?

First, we have looked around and found as much information as possible about the new deathknight class in the world of warcraft. Some of the basic information we have found, is that they are primarily a tanking class that can’t use a shield, but they do make up for this by having skills helps that help them hold aggro and mitigate the damage. One of the interesting things about the Deathknight class is that they are fulled by a rune system, which will be in place of the existing mana/rage/power bars.

Rohan Online Elf Templar Class Build (Pure PvE/Pure PvP)

This is an awesome build for the Elf Templar, great at PvE and great at PvP. Templars are in a sense battle priests. They are extremely difficult to kill in PvP and PvE making it easy to solo and great in parties.

Age of Conan Guide – Sneak Peek at Upcoming PVP – Many Concerns!

A sneak peek at some future content info that is going into AOC. While most of it seems to be coming along with good intentions, the info that I have on the upcoming PvP risk/reward system may cause more problems then it fixes. Basically a “fugitive” system will be in place. This system will give people that Gank players many levels lower them some penalty points. After you obtain so many penalty points, other players will have an incentive to kill you. What is the incentive? How about one of your equipped items! Of course other incentives may be implemented as well, and for this article, the incentives are meaningless.

Age of Conan Guides – Thoughts on High Level Dungeons

Raider Hideout in Kheshatta is definitely a place you want to visit if you use light or medium armor (Healer pieces mainly). There are ONLY 5 boss mobs in the entire dungeon, and less then a handful of non-boss mobs. That means that it is really a large dungeon compared to others in Age of Conan, that is almost empty.

Evolution of Death in MMORPGs

See how dying in MMORPG games have evolved in the last 10 years or so! Games today don’t penalize players enough for dying.

Internet is the Best Place to Find Free Games

When it comes to games, there is no better place than internet. Internet has been playing a great role in revolutionize the life of people. It is working wonder and bringing new and fresh things for people to enjoy. On one hand, people like to use internet for studies and educational purposes, while on the other hand, it is really serving people to get some entertainment related things.

Get Age of Conan Gold Fast and Eliminate Chinese Gold Farmers

Until now, if you wanted to get gold fast in Age of Conan, your only option was to purchase from a Chinese Gold Farmer. With the ever increasing popularity of the game, however, a great new option has been introduced.

Free Online Games – Everybody’s Favorite

Online games are the best way to kill your boredom and develop some new skills. Use of the Internet has altered most of the activities that we perform in our day to day life thus playing games on computer is not an exception.

Age of Conan Guide – Level 80 Dark Templar PVP Build and Review

While I made this guide, The Dark Templar (DT) seemed a little “gimped” from levels 1-25, able to handle his own, but not much more. From level 25 to 45 you will notice that the Dark Templar (DT) starts to come into his own strength, in this area you should be able to easily handle 3-4 mobs your level or 2-3 mobs a level above you. (This is with minimal downtime) From 45 to 65 the DT really becomes strong; anything your own level…

Making Wow Gold With 2.4 Daily Quests

In the latest patches after 2.4 daily quests have really been the best source to make fast gold in wow. The entire shattered sun offensive is just 1 big money making pit.

WoW Millionaire

If you want to get the most out of world of warcraft and seeing as it has a subscription then you will need to know how to level effectively and also make lots of gold if you fail these two things then you will not enjoy the game as much. Unfortunately world of warcraft is very difficult and if you have played it for any more than 5 minutes you will know how difficult it is.

World of Warcraft Millionaire

Whether you’ve only play a little or whether you are completely addicted to world of warcraft I am sure you will agree it is an awesome game if not a little too difficult! It does not take you long to realise the hardest thing in the game is leveling up and getting gold, this article will tell you more about how you can get gold quickly and really soup up your character.

Warcraft Millionaire – Find Out the Real Truth Surrounding Warcraft Millionaire Here!

If you are new to world of warcraft or even if you have been playing for quite a while one of the hardest things that you have probably found apart from leveling is getting gold. The truth is most players that get loads of gold normally have a very good, secret strategy.

Is Warcraft Millionaire A Scam?

If you are a player of world of Warcraft then you already know how massive the game is, it has millions of subscribers around the world and 90% of them enjoy the game as it was meant to be played, however as with anything there is 10% that used shady methods to try and make money out of the game. You have probably heard of Chinese gold farmers and gold Sellers on the Internet and basically what these services do is sell you Warcraft gold for real money! Unfortunately the only catch is you will not know who you are dealing with and whether or not you will actually get the gold that you pay for.

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