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How to Win at Words With Friends

The world of traditional board games has been changing in recent years and Words with Friends is one of the clear signs of those changes. Many people look for a magic Words with Friends helper, and there are certainly methods that you can use to win by this means. You might also be able to find a Words with Friends solver that can help you attain victory, but at the end of the day, winning mostly comes down to figuring out how the game is played and improving your vocabulary.

The Ways On How World of Warcraft Online Gamers Delight In The Game

Believe it or not World of Warcraft has now been acclaimed for its unique capability to coach exceedingly sought after directorial, enterprise and team talent to gamers. And at the same time it can it all in the frame work of a very enjoyable and amusing video game!

Rift Guides

With the immense popularity of the game of Rift there has been a virtual avalanche of guides aimed at showing players how to approach every single aspect of the game. For those of you who may not have heard of this new MMORPG or Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game (you must have been living in a cave or have been on the space station for months), Rift has literally taken the whole world by storm.

Rift Warrior Build For Fast Leveling

The game of Rift is a wildly popular new Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing game from Trion. There are already over 1 million subscribers playing Rift worldwide and the game was just released in March of 2011.

Imperian Game Review

Imperian has got to be the most unique “video game” I have ever played. Essentially it’s more like an interactive book than a traditional video game with graphics and pretty visuals. This is because the entire game is played out via text boxes. Normally in RPG games, text boxes are used when a character is speaking. In Imperian however, everything is controlled via text and it’s up to your imagination and quick mind to navigate your way through the game.

Chronicles of Merlin Game Review

Chronicles of Merlin is a hybrid strategy and RPG based game much like other games like Batheo. It is a game where you will have to build and sustain your army first before you are fit to go into battle. The premise of the game is simple as you’re a hero here to help Merlin as you battle your way to victory against some of history’s most iconic heroes. One of the first heroes you will have to defeat is none other than Robin Hood.

StarCraft 2 And The Fine Art Of Expanding

Unless the game is done in the first 5 to 10 minutes, you will be needing to work on grabbing your second expansion. Securing additional expansions in StarCraft 2 improves your economy and enables you to build attacking units at a faster rate, and not to mention at a bigger quantity. It also puts pressure on your opponent and gives him two options to either A) he has to harass your expansion or main base, or B) he has to develop his own expansion. He will likely attempt to do both, but failing to do one or another will spell certain defeat for your opponent. More expansions means you’ll have more resources at your disposal, which means less for your opponent. You’ll have more units at your disposal and faster reinforcements.

StarCraft 2 And How To Use Scouting and Hotkeys To Best Advantage

You’ve memorized all the build orders of your chosen race, your macro has improved significantly since you’ve started and you’ve even won a few games, but it’s been half a year and you’re still in the bronze league. Well then there are a couple of things you’re probably overlooking that could make you a much more effective StarCraft player. StarCraft is a game of chess; building large massing units while shivering in your base can of course win you games against other beginners, but you will be reduced to nothing against even a slightly above average player. Believe it or not, there’s a reason why everyone seems to send out their overseer at the beginning of the game. No, it’s not just to find out where their opponent is (although that’s part of it), it’s rather to figure out what strategy the opponent is going for, so he can build the perfect counter for it.

Choosing The Right Race in StarCraft 2

If your intention of playing SC2 is to compete with the best, you can save yourself a great deal of time by just choosing your favourite race and sticking with it. It’s extremely difficult to master build orders, getting to know your units and what combinations to use in what situations with 3 races at a time. My advice, master one race. In order to help you choose the perfect race for you, here’s an over view of the 3 races and what you can expect from them. If you’re a beginner, look no further than the Zerg. The reason?

Starcraft 2 And The Infamous Proxy Rush

An excellent way of winning the game in Star Craft 2 is to take your opponent early. Build your first pylon outside your opponent’s base followed immediately by a Gateway, if you’re playing as Protoss. If you’re playing as Terran, build your first barracks. This is known as a Proxy rush. It allows you to put significant pressure on your opponent while preventing him from expanding to his natural. If your opponent is unprepared, you even may win the game in the first 5 minutes. Your timing is a crucial indicator of whether or not your proxy rush will be effective. If you fail to do significant damage to your opponent, it will leave you far behind trying to beef up your macro game, not to mention that you’d be vulnerable. However, with the right circumstances, a Proxy rush can be deadly. Proxy rush is regarded as a ‘all in’ type of opening.

World of Warcraft Gold Making Professions: Inscription

There are many ways that you can make gold in the MMORPG juggernaut that is World of Warcraft. Though today we are going to take a look at the pros and cons of having the Inscription profession. What you need to get started and how to level it up to be maxed out and start making gold right away.

Best Games Online: Encouraging Kids to Help the Environment Through the Junkyard

Music, graphics and love for the environment are packaged in one fun game called The Junkyard. In this game, your goal is to put a piece of trash into the right bin by eliminating all the other junk in between. It may sound easy but once you reach level 5 and up, things will start heating up. To know more why this simple game is one of the best games for kids today, then read on about how to play this game and what this game teaches kids.

5 Advanced Mahjong Solitaire Strategies To Get An Edge On The Game

If you have noticed, most people prefer to play oriental games because of their elegant pieces, board and theme. They always bring a peculiar mood to the player, making us completely forget about our everyday work pressure or other things that haunted us for so long! Mahjong is one of the leading game titles that are considered as one of the best board games that are of oriental origin.

WoW Frost Mage Leveling Guide For Cataclysm

Leveling A frost mage in WoW can be some of the most fun you can have in World of Warcraft. This WoW frost mage leveling guide for cataclysm will focus on ways to level fast and survive.

Latest Games Give New Meaning to “Green Thumb”

Everyone is raving about several of the latest games in social media sites like Facebook that are farm-themed. However, not too many know of a better alternative. The “Hobby Farm” is an online game that features better graphics, few possibilities of computer glitches, more player interaction and no streaming required. Once downloaded, you can click on the shortcut on your desktop, and continue playing where you left off. Farming has never been made easier with the Hobby Farm.

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