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Get Coins Faster in Club Penguin

As all Club Penguin players know, getting coins by playing the different mini-games on the site is the way to earn coins, which members can then use to earn new clothing for their penguin or furniture for their igloos. Getting all the latest clothing and furniture requires a lot of coins. And some mini-games are a lot better than others at earning coins quickly.

World of Warcraft Guide – How to Level Fast in the World of Warcraft

Top tips to speed up your leveling in World of Warcraft that will have you raiding in Ulduaar before you know it. If you ever wondered how to level quickly in World of Warcraft, look no further.

Long Range Weapons in Warcraft

Article about long range weapons use in Warcraft. Long range weapons come in handy when you have a large group of enemies, whether you have long range magic or even just a bow and arrow.

Age of Conan Gold Guide – Secrets Revealed For the First Time! Don’t Buy Age of Conan Gold!

If you are a player of the MMORG Age of Conan then just like other games in this genre you will eventually need gold to get the most out of the game. The problem is knowing how to make the gold in the game, and if you think it is going to be easy then you should know that you get Chinese gold farmers in games like this that actually go in to the game and work hard to make money in the game and then sell it on sites for $50 dollars for 10 gold.

Plan Ahead For Fast WoW Leveling With the Most Success

Using a guide can aid you in planning and outlining what quests you should be doing for fast WoW leveling to gain the most experience so that you can reach the vast end game content quickly. Just because these guides are effective does not mean that you have to follow them exactly, but they provide a very high level outline to success.

World of Warcraft Hunter Guide

The Hunter is one of the most exciting classes in the World of Warcraft and this WoW Hunter Guide will change your play style during questing or PvP matches. The Hunter is primarily a Ranger type class that thrives on their ranged fighting skills and a limited melee attack skill to mow down its enemies.

Maplestory Thief Guide – The Assassin

Learn how to be the best thief in Maplestory. Thieves are probably the costliest class in Maplestory and are regarded as the 2nd best at making mesos, not too far behind magicians. They rely on speed and range, and can be a lot of fun to play. Learn how to make the best assassin in Maplestory with this guide.

How to Make Loads of Gold in Lotro

Farming For Gold – To farm gold in a effective manner in Lotro you need to discover places that have a high return in silver and make sure you grind a lot in these places also make sure the mobs at the place you are at drop good items mainly leveling or profession items. Then you just need to vendor to a npc or sell on the auctions depending on what you have managed to get or if you have found a trend in selling items at the auction house.

Do Not Party With Other Players For Fast Mage Leveling

You might think I am wrong here, but I know for a fact this works. For fast mage leveling, do not party with other players, especially early on. You can gain more experience on your own.

Dugi’s Ultimate World of Warcraft Leveling Guide Review

After much trial and error I have found the Ultimate World Of Warcraft Guide. If you are serious about leveling fast, stop wasting your time and money and read this review.

Gold Making Tips For Herbalism in Northrend

Herbalism was not a very popular gold making profession. Making gold with Herbalism has not change, but Northrend has opened a new golden age for those who use Herbalism for making gold.

World of Warcraft Shaman Guide

If you are looking for gaming and character information about the mystical Shaman, then you have found the World of Warcraft Shaman Guide for World of Warcraft gamers. Shamans are the spiritual kingpins of their tribes and clans. This character class of WoW is the guru of the elements and magical spells. They cast spells and use totems to heal or increase the efficiency of their allies during battles while unleashing the ferocity of the elements upon their foes.

World of Warcraft – Guide to Beast Mastery Hunter Pets

Everyone will tell you that Beast Mastery is the best talent line for leveling a hunter in World of Warcraft, but they never tell you what pet is the best. Find out how to choose what pet is best for you.

Maplestory Warrior Guide – Getting Your Warrior to Be Perfect

Find out how to make the strongest character in Maplestory, with the easiest method to train hard and get up to that 4th job advancement. This maplestory warrior guide will teach you how to be the best warrior around.

Maplestory Mage Guide – Weakling Magicians?

Learn how to be the best mage in Maplestory. Mages have the lowest HP, but make up for it with a huge amount of MP and a skill that allows you to use that MP as HP. Mages are also known for making the most mesos of all the classes, and are thus very popular.

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