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One of the Best Characters in WoW – Shaman

Lots of gamers who play WoW seek a guide of different information regarding their characters in order for them to level-up fast and improve their skills in playing. Here is a guide in one of the characters in the World of Warcraft. The name of this character is the mystical Shaman.

Behind Every Dungeon – The Mysteries

We have seen many mysteries here in this real world like the things we can’t explain or anything that is beyond on our imagination. In WoW, you’ll encounter many mysteries in which each dungeon will help you enhance your capabilities and help you to master each skills you have and level up your character. Taking notes of the WoW dungeon guide would give you lots of information regarding the instance, world, and raid dungeons.

Fun in Farming – WoW Hatchling

Being in constant battle is no fun at all. Sometimes, having a companion who isn’t part of the league is a funny thing to consider.

Making Money Through Fishing in WoW

Do you want to make the most in your fishing ability in the World of Warcraft? Or, do you want to make much money through it? If it’s “Yes” then you must visit Big Iron Fishing Pole. That place is really a perfect place for fishing.

There is No Such Thing As “USELESS” in WoW

In playing WoW, you must always bear in mind that everything you will obtain as you play WoW is prospective for gigantic gold. Even the items that you believed to be useless and the things that are already out of the game are still profitable.

Silithus – My Home Away From Home

It’s been long time since I last wrote a guide about this place, the Silithus. I have missed its’ simplicity because now that I visited it again, it is already well developed and finely expanded not like before.

The WoW Cooking Profession’s Confession

Lots of professions are available on the list, and you may seem to say that any would be a great way to earn a living in WoW. However, if adding up a little spice in your daily quest captured your interest, then you may want to be acquainted with knives and a lot of wonderful dishes you can serve.

How to Make WoW Gold – Make 497 Gold Per Hour

Are you struggling to make WoW gold? Any Warcraft player understands how vital gold is to enjoying the game because it really is what sets you apart from the elite players and the poor. How to make WoW gold is easy as long as you know exactly what you are doing and if you really do want that epic flying mount it is your lucky day.

3 Paladin Leveling Specs – Which One Will You Choose?

It can be hard to select a talent spec for leveling your paladin in World of Warcraft. Read about what each spec does best so you can make an educated decision on your talent choices.

World of Warcraft Gold – Make 497 Gold Per Hour

World of Warcraft gold is something that all players of the game want more of. You see gold sets apart the poor players from the elite and if you have a lot of it the game is a whole lot better. So how can you make Warcraft gold fast?

FarmVille Strategy – How to Get Neighbors in FarmVille

Probably the most powerful way this shows up is by adding neighbors to your farm. Of all the tips and optimization tricks you can learn about FarmVille, figuring out how to make best use of your friends is, by far, the best return on your time.

FarmVille Secrets – Killer Tips and Tricks to Quickly Level Up Your Facebook FarmVille Game

Are you an avid player of the famous Facebook game, FarmVille? If you are playing this game then I understand that your current goal right now is to achieve the highest level; and gain more power over all other players who are your friends.

Have a Map, Have an Easy Quest

There could never be more important in a game than being on the right track. It’s definitely a waste of time and effort when you started your journey with a rather confusing idea as to where you should go and where to rush through to have a successful quest.

Mark Your Start in the World of Warcraft

You might think that the fun you get in playing WoW would last till you enjoy it. But, to tell you, there is more to adventure than the play itself. World of Warcraft is not only designed to provide the leisure everybody craves during moments of loneliness. Yes! There is more to game alone. With the warm welcome it experienced during its release in September of 2001, it managed to still ride the tide up to now.

Useful Tips in Leveling Your Power Up

World of Warcraft is quite a unique game everyone would surely enjoy in playing. Aside from the fun it gives you, it also serves as your dreamland in the real world. There would never be any on-line game that could come close in parallel with this game. That is the main reason why this game is being idolized by people in the whole globe.

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