World’s Largest Bowl Of Cereal


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In this video we did a challenge of building the world’s largest cereal bowl experiment. This experiment was a success and very fun and funny. Get pranked

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Online Games For Kids – Types of Girl Games

There are many things that can take up the girls’ time and games are one of them. There is countless number of girl games that they can engage in to pass their time as well as learn new things such as cooperating with other people or even competing with their friends.

4 Fashion Games You Must Play Online

Many females from young children to adult women are starting to enjoy playing online fashion games. There are several different types of fashion games available on the internet today. Many allow the player to fix the hair and makeup of the characters on the games, while other video games allow the participant to design clothes or play virtual dress up or virtual makeover with their character.

Some Hints on How to Earn WoW Gold – Prevent People From Finding Your Secrets, and AH Strategies

Learn how to prevent people from tracking down your main player and finding your gold-making secrets, and a simple but effective marketing strategy that will make tons of quick gold for you. How is this done? Just keep reading to find out.

Ninja Games Online – Bowja the Ninja 2

Bowja the Ninja 2 is a free online ninja game that is designed by Robin Vencel. This online ninja game could be labeled a strategy game due to the method of game play, in which you need to guide your character with the right moves in order to prevent the enemy from killing you. The main character in the game is Bowja, the ninja.

How to Make Lots of WoW Gold by Selling “Nerfed” Items

Items that have been removed from the game, or items that have been “nerfed” (I mean items which have had their stats lowered or otherwise negatively changed), are a mine of WoW gold if you know how to take advantage of them. You see, when Blizzard “nerfs” an item, it doesn’t affect those already at existence, it only affects future items.

Little Star Light

Come play a new addicting puzzle game “Little Star Light” based on the multiple tasks! You’re invited to start an unforgettable intergalactic journey controlling your own space vehicle and doing your best to stay alive without crashing.

A Joana’s Horde Guide And Information

Joana’s Horde guide is the one that seems to be dominating the internet right now. Is this because it is the only one available, or is it really that good?

Aion – An Enchantingly Beautiful Multi-Player Role-Playing Game (MMORPG)

Aion is a Massively Multi-Player Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) that was created by a Korean developer. Throngs of online players gravitate to the game because of its complexities, its imaginative characters, and because players can create the essential features of each character, i.e., the voice, face, build, skin-color, type, etc.

The Art of Online Games For Free

As a savvy of online games, I would like to say one thing that these online games for free are a great way to learn about life. Chess can teach about strategy and how to plan ahead and bingo can teach how to socialize in a competitive environment.

Ninja Games Online – Final Ninja

Final Ninja is a free online ninja game that is developed for MiniClip Games. Unlike other ninja games, it is filled with many game details.

Aion Online – A Solid MMORPG With Super Cool Graphics & Very Challenging Action

Aion Online is one of the newer MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) on the market. It brings a Korean type of game style to the American market and it really does not take too long to see the Korean influences on the game when playing.

Ninja Games Online – Genjuro Samurai Fight

Genjuro Samurai Fight is a free online ninja game that was developed by a S-Dak Corporation in 2001. The designer of the Genjuro Samurai Fight game is Samuliu. This ninja game is all about having to fight off all the evil ninjas that appear throughout the levels.

Ninja Nightmare – A Free Game Experience

Ninja Nightmare is a free online ninja game developed by Ur Games. The action script is designed by Alexander Asvegren.

Ninja Games Online – Samurai Sam

Samurai Sam is a free online ninja game that can be played by everyone. Just like other free online games, Samurai Sam is controlled by the keyboard input.

Ninja Games Online – Ninjack

Ninjack is a free online ninja game that involves fighting with enemies on different levels. The hero is dressed in a karate outfit.

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